Sleepy…..on holiday but I still woke up for work. Argggh

Its been one of those days already, with an early start even though no alarm was set. Normally,  the alarm wakes me at 7 and I fall out of bed by 730…. But today, holiday! No need to be awake so the alarm was set firmly to off. Did it make a difference? In a word no. I woke up at 7 and have struggled since.

Its not so much a busy day, but i’ve got things to do, BIngo to win, pints to drink…..

It could be a long day….



Another Xbox headset broken….not built to last…

Indeed, another one down, but this time its just the ear part that’s worn away through usage, and in fairness I cant remember when I bought this one.  With little thought, I’ve not gone for the cheapest one, but this time, gone for a Sennheiser X2 –

I wonder if this will last any longer?

This is also the first post with twitter turned on, lets see if I spam the world… here goes…


Fiverr and a new logo….

Welll I’ve been playing with this blog for two days now and realised i am missing a logo (Fleetfoot is the name of the template i am using), so to resolve this I’ve decided to use  If you’ve not be there before you choose your service and it all starts at 5$ with other options available. I’ve kept it simple and gone for a retro look in black/white  and grey so if i change the template it should still work for me.

I’ve chosen a vendor called angeldesign, and once the work is done, it will be there for everyone to see.  you can check them out here:

Once the logo is live let me know your thoughts.






I recently went mad and decided to buy a Chromebook and i am writing this post from it. In fairness, its taken over as my primary device at home with the larger laptop put to one side. I still use a tablet from time to time along with a mobile phone. But, despite some concerns the chromebook does all that i need it to do.

I bought at the value end, so read that as cheap, the basic Samsung model. I could have gone even cheaper and tried an Acer and a HP, but the HP had the worlds worst keyboard and i couldnt type at all.

My biggest issue, is how short boot up us, i find myself waiting to use it and its all ready to go, time is wasted !


Proudly hosted by

Its rare to use the same provider for a number of years but never had an issue, so never needed to move. Check out if you need some hosting. I’ve got a few sites online with them and never really had a problem. The very occasional bit of down time but i can count that on one hand in all fairness.

No reason request seems to be refused, and they even answer the phone if you call. Big Smile

check them out….





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