Recruitment , recruitment and more recruitment….

running_exhaustion_anim_500_clr_11833For what almost seems a life time now, we’ve been working on a recruitment campaign (or 7) its slowly coming to the end, but the work continues. It has been a nice distraction from the day job, but a rest wouldn’t go a miss….

But, then we’ve got to move on and support all of these new people we have hired, but, err, never a dull moment.

Lastly, we are part of an awards ceremony this week, so wish us luck.



In the unlikely event of a fire alarm…..

storm_siren_anim_150_clr_14860Well it had to happen sooner or later, but as part of the recruitment pre-amble we have a line around ” in the unlikely event of a fire alarm we will ensure you leave the building or if you are being interviewed the interviewer will take care of you” At no point did I ever think we would need it, but today we did.

I can only hope the people enjoyed their five minutes fresh air!


Something different this week, the apprenctices

apprentA new week, see’s us doing something different. We’ve got a new bunch of customer services apprentices within the department and they are going to support our customers helping with installations calls and making proactive outbound ones.

It will be interesting working with some different people, who will have a different skill set and have different developmental needs. Coming into it a little cold, but we will have to be both fluid and dynamic in our approach, which is nothing unusual.

Big team meeting on Tuesday, so will have to see how that goes.



bagWeekend break coming up soon, and a quick flight across to Spain. However, adding luggage makes such a difference as they want £39 a bag to go in the hold. Just a weekend so it really necessary? Trying something different I shall brave hand luggage only and to assist with this and future trips I’ve gone for a new bag. Care of Amazon, but others retailers are available, and thanks to a work incentive of a Amazon gift voucher, I’ve gone for a Cabin Max bag. 40L of storage and less than 700g. All being well this should allow enough space for the belongings for a week end.

In related news, it should be a good weekend as its an all inclusive resort. I may have a pint or two….but not too much as i still want to be insured!