And back to work we go…

So back to work with a bump, but to be fair I was here for the middle 3 days of the festive period. Just reworked a couple of things about to set off on a complete rewrite. I’ve switched to black coffee or coffee with milk rather than a milk based coffee, as everylittle helps as they say.

First bottle of water on the go.



It’s been a long day…

Its been busy, but through choice, I decided to stay late and do some more walk. I find it easier to get things done, when the office is quiet and i can play a range of musics. Its helped quite a bit with the work load.

I also stumbled into a few holes which i can now attempt to fix tomorrow!

Hey ho… more work but hey…


The weekend has just disappeared…

Well its been a busy one, some house work, the gym, the Falcons, some shopping… and more….

The weekend has flashed by without much thought about how I am feeling….

Some images for the weekend…










So there you have it in pictogram format

More Data? Endomondo style this time…

So I’ve posted about data before, and certainly about exercise and walking… but there is more data behind that. The walks are tracked on a fitbit which measures steps and exercise in general. Food is logged into my fitness pal and lastly Endomondo tracks via gps mileage, speed, elevation etc.

During lunches, there is time to walk, and what started of as a 20 minute amble has been trimmed down to 15 minutes with the goal of going back up to 20 but adding more distance.

He his how today looked and you can click to go full screen.  If nothing else, an interesting space invader building.



Something has changed within me – Part 2

So a small musical interlude for part one….. but it leads nicely to part two.boss_dangling_carrot_in_front_of_employee_400_clr_13059

A team meeting at work always presents a challenge, as people complain, compare notes etc, but that wasn’t the issue today.  Snacks. Lots of snacks. This presented a problem, and you know what I did? I ate carrot sticks.

Seriously, something has changed….. perhaps the right carrot, could lead to the right result….