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Its nearly the end of the year

Again, just 2 days since the last post, who would have believed it ? Indeed, but I find my self on hold, my call is important (to no one), and will be answered as soon as possible….. 9 minutes has gone so far….

But, as needs must, and I must get through to these people again, again, again…. I suspect you can see a trend here.

This post doesn’t really have a point, but we are into December, and the end of the year is rapidly approaching and I am getting more emails reviewing the year. The year in music from Spotify, the year in video from youtube…. well you get the idea.

It also starts to make you think about what we need to get done before the end of the year… shopping for gifts, shopping for food, planning for next year, tidying up, making new years resolutions… The list goes on. Well it could if I were to let it do so. So I won’t

Thats now 11:30 on hold and the music block is maybe 45 seconds long, its not great, but atleast with a speaker phone I can still type whilst I wait.

Any updates? not really other than to say the pantomine we visited the other day was a good old fashioned, traditional one, with sillyness galore. It was fun, and was what was needed.

Thats it for today, enough.

I continue to hold.


Twice in one month….

a sick man wiping his nose with tissue
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Indeed, 2 posts in one month, I am indeed spoiling you. Or then again not. I’ve got a cold, a stinking cold with a cough and runny nose, the works. But fear not dear reader, that is assuming someone is reading the guff… I am indeed getting better.

Unlike Travis(?) who thought the drugs don’t work, and they make you work, generic cold and flu have been great at getting me through the worst of it, and drying out the tap that my nose did indeed become. A few days out of work, will have caused a back log, but I hope to get back to that tomorrow.

I did, during my time away, reply to a few messages or those that needed to be replied to. Out side of that, its been sleep, drink , eat, sleep etc. Rinse and repeat. But it has worked…. I think.

Tomorrow will be the test of that and having looked at my stock image, I was never quite that bad- honest!

Just need to be careful not to push it too hard, as still a bit wheezy when walking but that will get better. I also need to stay hydrated too, but thats good general advise.

From my last post, I’ve kept with it, and withdrawn from those, who are just being negative, and being honest, I do think I am better for it. So I shall keep that up. One more big decision to come on that front, and them I am done, but will need to set my own agenda, as i will need to replace what I loose. That sounds cryptic, I get, but in due course dear reader (again assuming someone is still reading this!)

It also should be noted, its almost that time of the year too and its crept up on us. I’ve done some shopping but some more to do, I will get there, sooner or later. I am sure…..

Oh and something for Benji too.


So that was 18 months

Woah, so being honest, I went off looking for a domain, and I discovered this one was taken, and then I though, hold on do I already one this, and it transpired, I do, and have for the past 8 or 9 years.

I then looked to see what was here, and forgot about this old blog and it’s content, I might go back and read some of it.

I remember, I used to it brain dump and clear my head. Maybe I will do this again.

Maybe it might be another 18 months….


That was a bit windy….

So it was a bit windier out there than i expected, but todays ride was to the parents and back. Navigation care of Google Maps, took me an unexpected route, but it avoided roads etc, and was more fun that I expected.

First attempt at Strava too…. I was king of the mountain until it caught i was on an E-bike

Looking at the above think there is more in Strava, so I might not us Relive again



tv_fuzz_PA_500_clr_3860Now I don’t normally bother with much of the TV coming out of the USA with its strange season breaks and then getting canned mid run makes for a poor effort. I got burned with Flash Forward which I thought was really good, but sadly, canned and a random ending allowing for a come back.

However, that said, and despite being behind the times, I’ve been watching care of Netflix, Chuck.

Chuck (2007) Poster

Chuck (2007–2012)

TV Series  |   |  Action, Comedy, Drama
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Ratings: 8.3/10 from 98,716 users
Reviews: 304 user | 52 critic

When a twenty-something computer geek inadvertently downloads critical government secrets into his brain, CIA and NSA assign two agents to protect him and exploit such knowledge, turning his life upside down.

Although, last season now, at its by far the weakest, and many of the plots are fairly transparent!



Too busy to think…


figure_sitting_reading_out_loud_400_clr_9167The chance the sit and read outloud would have been fun this week, but sadly it was one of those weeks where the were not enough minutes in the hour, hours in the day and the days in the week.  Covering my own work load, and then parts of the bosses job has been tough, but that should resolve it self shortly.

The image i suppose could also reflect the need of a diary or a to do list both of which have been used extensively. For todo and tracking I use something called toggl which is an online service which gives some reports.

Just one work item to complete and thats next weeks schedule. Otherwise, not playing.




Ive been pondering a replacement phone for a while, and finally a plunge has been taken. Its an LG G3 which is current but not cutting edge, and comes along with “all you can eat” data and texts and 600 minutes. In fairness, i suspect its overkill, but Three provided the cheapest overall cost. Vodafone was a close second, but price is kind here.





Last up is some ghost busting, or more precisely  a bit of cleaning needs done and has needed to be done for a while. I may need to get up of my arse and do more.

Sadly, netflix is currently stopping me as i watch something called “the tomorrow people”






Lastly worth a reminder to you all, hot food and drink can burn and leave you with a sore throat!



A late arrival at KP meant we missed the opportunity to get a hat from oddballs. However, it made us look online and find out its all about pants, and an offer of giving to charity. There is a special offer with a free hat for every purchase and even I’ve been buying…


Never one to be quiet, I went for these….


I will let you know how I get on, but probably wont model them for you.

You can check them out at

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