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Last weekend was the annual trip to Stirling – Touch

so last weekend saw the usual trip to Stirling to go and play touch. Slightly different this year in that Eva decided to come along and see what it was about. I’d explained it might be a little dull, but hey , she decided to tough it out. First up (and above) Stirling University and its hotel is very good as a value option. There is also the chance to walk about with a nice loch on campus.
Sadly the weather during the weekend, was shall we say, some what variable!. Sun, Rain, Thunder, Lightening, Hail, Snow…. everything….  Organizers of the event also had to contend with a lightening strike to the posts which lead to match abandoned!
On balance good fun, if not a little tiring.

My head didn’t fall off, so that’s a success…

SDSo then first time run around since the tooth work, or extraction. Managed a walk at lunch which was great as that then meant feeling my heart in the mouth was gone and didnt want to be sick! All good.

Night time managed the touch rugby 45 minutes, but felt a little flat, but the diet has been iffy with changes being made to suit my ability to eat stuff. I am behind on the gym so will be there first thing tomorrow, for the 615am slot.  Wish me luck.

I may well be needing it.



Another busy Thursday…

steedentouchAnother busy week this Thursday at touch rugby. Just short of the magic 20 until same late comers pushed us over the edge so we managed some 5 v5 for a bit. Nice to see a couple of new people come along inculding some durham university students. We’ve offered to pass their details around to help them build a club there. Additionally they asked about referees courses and its always good to get more people interested in tat.


At work been busy with some APR work needing done along with a chat with the boss to review the year. Its always hard to talk about how its gone, and invariably comparing your self to others, even when it has nothing to do with that. A frustration includes being expected to do more, when we all have the same job, but i wouldnt not want to do the best i could..

Tomorrow we’ve got meet the new guys as we work with our new trainees, so must be there on time!

So that means bed…




The week ahead

the-week-aheadRight then, sit rep, on the sofa having completed very little of what I should have done. I have however completed a small shed load of laundry but now need to iron it.

Monday – completing reviews and APR

Tuesday – prep training course, and check plan for Friday.

Wed – practice call

And cant remember more.

An annual review is due at some point and will complete that, and look  forward to the getting to know you session.

outside of work:

  • swimming
  • touch rugby
  • dance

Thats the main bits covered I think.


Touch Rugby Thursday

An interesting session in wet and windy conditions. Made more interesting by the appearance of more Rugby league apprentices.Certainly they have youth and enthusiasm on their side, but lacking discipline. It seems to be deemed ok to break some of the important simple rules of the game that are there to keep it safe for everyone. The justification of its just Bob or Jim is not acceptable and next week will see a clamp down. I did call shoulders a few times, but the sin bin comes next….

When everyone is playing the game as we should its great, lets not let it get spoiled.


Falcons defeated, my prediction was a win by 3….

Sunday afternoon rugby turned to disappointment following a great start with an early try to the mighty Falcons. We had it under control and then boom the self destruction button was deployed. We could have/should have closed out the game but some poor decision making and no luck let us down. Mr Small the referee didn’t have a consistent game and that lead to frustrations and home defeat, when we should have won.


Onwards we go to the next game of the season.



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