its been a while and fingers to the keyboard…

Looking at some of the posts, sometimes there is a long gap other times, a short gap, sometimes even and absence. And truth be told, I use the blog to clear my head, vent, dump out ideas, or just to think.

Here and now, head is a bit swimming about the place, but thats more to do with everything going on. I am having a busy week which is kind of unusual as it ticks overs, but a deadline looms etc etc

But in fairness i work better to deadlines and when things need to get done so thats not all bad in fairness. Its just come at a time, when as ever a cold has struck which slows me down. Thats possibly the most annoying part of it.

I guess as ever, also annoying is that I’ve been ok for ages, but then when pay for the next set of gym outings thats when the cold hits, enough to slow me down which is not fun as it does cost £99 quid for 6 weeks, and of course holiday to Spain will eat one of those weeks up.

Which then leads is nicely into the gym sessions… so of late bar some shocking attendances int he last program, I’ve consistently gone for 3 or 4 sessions to work through some of the many issues I’ve got. But, over time the purpose changed. for example, going to gym and working hard, allowed bad habits in food and drink to continue which isn’t the plan.

This then leads us on to the next part, which is that, as it stands now, or sits now ;-p I am about as big as I’ve ever been and that to be fair needs to stop before it becomes too unhealthy. So back on it with a vengeance.  An example, myfitnesspal counts the calories and today is less than 1200 in vs a target for 1kg a week and with exercise allowance leaves me 1400 to play with. The biggest non-suprise in this, I don’t feel hungry. my body is not concerned. This dear reader gvies an indication to the level over eating. And, thinking out loud, there was a foul today, no lunch time walk as work load got in the way. still shows my progress, and to be fair, am there or there abouts which doesn’t surprise me. Eva is kicking ass and well played to her in all fairness. But nice weather, feeling better, more energy, I will be back on it.


Next up, the boiler has decided its finally had enough. Whenever its been iffy and I’ve rang a plumber and gone ” I’ve got an ideal Isar” they reply with either ” and the control board has gone” or “oh dear” which gives an indication about how poor its been. To be fair it was fitted to the property when i moved in so i cant overally object. A replacement is needed along with some new pipes for gas… so if you’ve got a spare 2k floating around…please….


As ever, bank of dad may be needed for this one.

And perhaps enough writing for now, but coming up is a holiday and perhaps its nice to have a rest. Here’s hoping its a nice as it looks online, but you never know… and hopefully the 5 or so hours to get there are not as bad as it can be. 5 hours is about when i start to get a little fed up and bad tempered. But what you gonna do? its just a means to an end and then a nice pool, some sunshine and tan through shorts will all be that I need.

Enough from me for now.







Write it down, move on…

custom_heart_character_13296Well sometimes I do say write it down, get it out there, and move on. And in fairness, that seems to have worked. I talked about feeling exposed, and its done no need to rehash the wheel so to speak. I did email the people at the gym and they picked up my points quickly and suggested things to do around scaling and if you need a break do so, which is all sensible stuff. In hind sight, I shouldn’t have emailed them, but it was part of clearing out the mind.

So change of mindset, relax and refresh and back to 100%



Exposed, or feeling like it…

brain_therapy_400_clr_15912So first things first, this is probably just a reaction to being tired and sore, and it probably isn’t as bad as my head is telling me, but for the first time in a gym session I felt exposed the other day.  Just a regular session, nothing too much out of the ordinary with the usual kinds of activities. Now it was a longer session a 30 minute straight through, but have done that kind of thing before.

1 minute for set of exercises, finish them early then rest and be ready for the next set.  So 10 burprees in a minute, then press ups, then kettle swings, then skip then plank for 30. Finish your reps and get a rest. Now for the pressups and kettle bells fine. The plank was an effort but better breathing helps here. Skips, I am just slow, but a minute wont kill. So that leaves the burpess. For a long time, not a specialty, but doing more of them. My action is slow so 10 in 60 is effort zapping and takes the minute. So that means no rest… the effect of repeated rounds slows you down.

But this is when the mind games come, and I realize that I am always the last to finish and people “might” be watching. Now in hindsight probably not as they don’t need to see me jiggle about, and they are recovering from their own efforts. But for the first time in a session I felt exposed and isolated. It wasnt a great place to be. Now this really is against the ethos and idea of the place, and in no way is it a reflection of then, its more my mind wandering off and racing into pain and tiredness.

I needed to write it down, draw a line and move on. So that’s it.

Move on Stephen.


Gym Kit…. I’ve got some more…..

t2Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoy free things and for the gym sessions we do get the offer a t-shirt, but most times I don’t take them, being too fat, and also the t-shirts being in cotton. I tend to go for a sporting top which invariably as poly in nature and just wash and wear. Thinking about an up and coming holiday I thought it might be nice to get a couple for working out, which i will then have to do to make the effort of getting the T-shirt made.

As ever, I went bright, but I actually like the gray, even if it wasn’t what I ordered…. the orange one is less red than the image suggests. so hey ho…. the next steps is to buy no more gym kit!


Cheers Steve


Just been sent this challenge…I would be dead…


Effectively as hard as you can for 2km….



90th 75th 50th 25th
Result 6:39.1 7:00.6 7:33.1 8:13.6
Pace 1:39.7 1:45.1 1:53.2 2:03.4

2016 2000m Indoor Rower Rankings

Weight: H | Gender: M | Ages: All | Country: All | All Results | Adaptive: No

Pos. Name Age Country Time Type Verified
1 Mohamed Sbihi 27 GBR 5:41.8 I Race
2 Matthieu Androdias 25 FRA 5:46.8 I Race
3 Sam Townsend 30 GBR 5:47.6 I Race
4 Charles Lambert 18 AUS 5:48.3 I No
4 Graham Benton 42 GBR 5:48.3 I Race
6 Paul Bennett 26 GBR 5:48.5 I Race
7 Axel Dickinson 25 NZL 5:49.0 I No
7 Will Satch 26 GBR 5:49.0 I Race
7 Romain Delachaume 27 FRA 5:49.0 I Race
10 James Letten 22 USA 5:49.4 I Race
11 Hugo Boucheron 22 FRA 5:50.0 I Race
12 Benoit Brunet 24 FRA 5:50.4 I Race
13 Cedric Berrest 30 FRA 5:51.1 I Race
14 Benoit Baratin 25 FRA 5:51.3 I Race
15 George Nash 26 GBR 5:52.0 I Race
16 Alex Gregory 31 GBR 5:53.2 I Race
17 Germain Chardin 32 FRA 5:53.9 I Race
18 Matt Gotrel 26 GBR 5:54.7 I Race
19 Oscar Alonso 26 ESP 5:55.7 I Race
20 Andriy Pryveda 30 UKR 5:56.5 I Race

So time to get off ones ass….

figure_shadw_boxing_300_wht_11993it’s time to put it out there, I’ve been lax of late. I’ve been broken, had colds, felt rubbish and old habits have come back to haunt me, so it’s time to do something (again again!). There is a motivation this time, I’ve got a few weeks to get life in order before wandering off to the USA for my road trip. All being well, the next six weeks then should set me up well to be fighting fit.

A few little scores to settle along the way. The fitness test needs a good beating. I will beat @jinkstevens  at rowing even if it kills me! I also need to up the PMA as its slipped of late, and I owe that to the others!

Thats it, short and sweet, and done.