The weekend has just disappeared…

Well its been a busy one, some house work, the gym, the Falcons, some shopping… and more….

The weekend has flashed by without much thought about how I am feeling….

Some images for the weekend…










So there you have it in pictogram format

A Friday night at Kingston Park normally means one thing….. Rain

So premiership rugby returned to Kingston Park on Friday night and that can only mean one thing – it would rain, and indeed it did, for 3 hours solid. As a regular North stander (we’ve got roof, no toilets etc if you know the song)  I am used to putting up with whatever the weather throws at me.

I checked the forecast and it did in fairness look like a cold wet night, so I prepared as normal. Work clothes, extra layers, some water proofs, bases layers etc. I struggle with hats as they don’t tend to fit, and gloves, either too cold or too hot, or too thick so I cant drink (plastic glasses) and cant tweet.

During the summer at a visit to the Argos clearance shop I stumbled across these:


From the golf range, so water proof, warm enough not too bulky, so I bought a pair (helped by the fact £7)

Last night I tried them out, and the verdict?




I just dont get mittens, there are many problems…

  • Good luck scratching your nose
  • Good luck trying to tweet
  • Good luck picking up your pint
  • Good luck picking up anything
  • Good luck eating
  • Just good luck

I did manage to open a bottle of coke, but when closing it I trapped the mitten in the lid so atleast i didnt have to carry the bottle.  Despite Mrs Rolf telling me mittens are awesome they are not.

The only thing that could have less appropriate would have been these…


I might try that for the next game……





Falcons league table update….

Table | Aviva Premiership 2013/14
Pos Team Pld W D L F A TF TA TB LB Pts
Northampton Saints 1 No change Northampton Saints 14 12 1 1 368 199 42 16 4 1 55
Saracens 2 No change Saracens 14 12 0 2 390 203 40 20 6 0 54
Bath Rugby 3 No change Bath Rugby 14 10 1 3 313 230 30 25 1 1 44
Harlequins 4 No change Harlequins 14 9 0 5 256 195 23 16 2 2 40
Leicester Tigers 5 No change Leicester Tigers 13 7 2 4 283 270 28 23 2 2 36
Sale Sharks 6 No change Sale Sharks 14 7 0 7 247 250 24 21 2 5 35
London Wasps 7 No change London Wasps 14 6 0 8 266 268 25 22 2 7 33
Exeter Chiefs 8 No change Exeter Chiefs 14 6 0 8 268 267 21 25 1 5 30
London Irish 9 Up London Irish 14 5 0 9 236 285 22 25 0 5 25
Gloucester Rugby 10 Down Gloucester Rugby 13 4 0 9 228 309 22 31 1 5 22
Newcastle Falcons 11 No change Newcastle Falcons 14 3 0 11 121 294 7 32 0 3 15
Worcester Warriors 12 No change Worcester Warriors 14 0 0 14 164 370 12 40 0 4 4

the end of the week – yeeeeehaaaaa



Well I am glad to get to the end of the week, as its been busy and hard work! Its also meant some longer hours, and I do need to get better at that, and readjust the balanace as its a little off kilter.


So what did the week have in store? Well some new guys joined us for help out on the phones and thats the main reason for tiredness I suspect.  Its very easy to forget how hard the day job can be at times, when you are working out whats going on, who has done what, who said what, what they need, and then working out a solution. There has been a few challenges this week too, and thats tired out the overall picture. But, back to the class room, so off to another division I go to do stuff there! No rest…..

r-TSB-large570You may recall previous posts around a remortgage and thats now all complete and done, and a cash back payment has indeed landed. A few bumps a long the way which I will feedback on, as it probably could have been completed earlier. But hey….

The rest of the weekend? trip to bank to pay in cheque, then away for a little bit of shopping i think.



Sunday sees the start of the LV cup with the Falcons vs Irish,  I suspect its going to be cold…….

Lastly, I was trying on a kilt last night. No comment!


Day in review….

SDA nice lazy start which was a good plan. A little football watching with Newcastle vs Liverpool. Then a trip out for some shopping as the parents wanted some odds and sodds. Return home for SCD and then some cleaning. Dinner and the Falcons on the radio and i am now typing this.

Tomorrow has lots to do, so i will get on with it!