well i’ve done it, step one of the NHSC25K #runner

c25k_258x158Well after convincing my self I couldn’t do it, it will hurt too much, my knees wont take it, I’ve got up off the couch and ran (if you can call it that) along to the NHS podcast for couch to 5k in 9 weeks. I’ve done the reading thought about it, and am now planning to make it fit into my weeks.

You can learn more about the NHSC25K here, but the short version is that in 9 weeksyou should be able to run 5k or for atleast 30 minutes. At the moment that seems a stretch, but tonights first go, which included running for a whole 8 minutes went ok.

I’ve tracked my run, with Garmin Connect using yet another toy, so here goes…


If has worked you should see it above!. You will notice, roughly, a 5 minute brisk walk to warm up then intervals of 60’s run then 90 secs walk and repeat… I have to repeat this 3 times this week with a day off in between. The  challenge now is how I feel in the morning.


So if it goes to plan, another run on Wednesday or Thursday and then for the weekend. i will let you know how I get on…

Touch Rugby Thursday

An interesting session in wet and windy conditions. Made more interesting by the appearance of more Rugby league apprentices.Certainly they have youth and enthusiasm on their side, but lacking discipline. It seems to be deemed ok to break some of the important simple rules of the game that are there to keep it safe for everyone. The justification of its just Bob or Jim is not acceptable and next week will see a clamp down. I did call shoulders a few times, but the sin bin comes next….

When everyone is playing the game as we should its great, lets not let it get spoiled.

Been a busy couple of days, and another busy one expected.

So we’ve tumbled into another week and there is no end in sight! We’ve got visits from another local company coming in to see what we do and how we do it, so there is a bit of presentation stuff to be done tomorrow. Really light prep is complete but its enough to keep me moving. Some mind maps and pictures done to give overview of the what but no so much the how and that we will take them through. Its going to be, very reactionary, it has to be almost to give them something out of the day.

But before all of that, we’ve got more practice calls for our payroll colleagues which is more of a challenge for me being non-payroll based, bit i suppose it keeps me entertained. Oh dear. Wish us all luck with that one.

Tuesday night saw a rejigged Ceroc night at Gateshead to allow for a change due to my mothers birthday plans. Nice to see some new people there, and I hope i introduced them and helped them get over the initial hurdle. Its disapoiting though to see others, not easing off and letting the new ones gain confidence slowly and pick up at own speed rather than full on head in etc… But, thats not my issue, nor is it in my control.

Lastly for now, APR season, I must do it, I really must.

long day, long night, and sleep

My word its been a long day, which started with the sniffles, I suspect its a precursor to man flu but hey ho. I’ve taken some VIT C energy drink and that just turns my pee a funny colour, but hey ho. A long patchy morning and an equally longer afternoon meeting didnt raise the mood any either. From this didnt want to, but i did attend the gym. Now everything hurts.

Night all