Rough night and a missed gym session…

Hi All,

custom_figure_pain_spot_15571Well wouldn’t you know it, time for a holiday and I fall apart. A tough gym session during the week targeting the legs, then add in a pinch of rugby and the inevitable result? Pain, lots of it.

My right knee has started to go pop when I walk, and last night that meant little sleep and a cocktail of pain killers to get through the night. The ice pack certainly did help. The upset of this? One grumpy stephen and missed saturday morning session.

Additionally, it doesn’t look great for Sunday’s kickboxercise either. Bugger. I shall see what support I can give it for the day along with some rest.

Rubbish I tell ya, rubbish


A Goal & Tyres

Hi All,

So at the weekend, I said I needed a goal, and by accident, I’ve gone and found one. Whilst at the gym, I thought they look good scales so I duely paid £1 to go on them. Out pops a receipt and it made for interesting reading. There was a new number of there I’ve not seen before.


No it doesnt take a genius to wokr out where I would be on that little picture and its off far to one side, in the margin of your screen. According to the receipt in front of me 39.2% The same receipt also says Poor => 32.1

So there is the target, for this time round that % has to come down! With no science or idea why I’ve guessed lets do 5%…. interesting and an update in 4 weeks then guys.

custom_clock_hands_16007That leads nicely onto tonight’s gym session, and something I always enjoy – Tyre flipping. In partners, 6 minutes AMRAP and record the number for slam balls 9kg, tyre flips, rowing (calories burned) then kettle bell swings. Total it up and off you go. As there was an odd number, we took a 3rd person and it meant some more down time, fear not we deployed the plank!

Tired now about covers it, so catch you all later.






Yesterday & Today……

So thstick_figure_crushed_by_weights_400_wht_13349en yesterdays session was both busy and tough. Swing when you are winning had a whole lot of kettle bells. When I think back to the start it was a different kettle (!) of fish with a light weight making no sense. As I’ve moved through the program its gotten easier (and sometimes harder) as there is a different action or perhaps even a greater weight being used.  Yesterday was also a partner work out so the need to share a kettle bell. What do you do? Settle of the lighter weight of the two or step up? Sometimes a gentle push is needed, and for this @jinkstevens suggested the need to man up a bit , so up to the 20 kg it was then.

So this was the largest weight ever, and for a longer period! its fair to say today is a sore day so a bit more warm up was needed for today’s session.





Today was kickboxercise (I am never sure if thats one whole word or not, but its not the most important thing to consider!) I do like this session as its a bit of fun. Its not so much the bouncing around you might imagine, there is more technique considered along with the rep’s involved. I did panic when the class was about to begin with just me there, as I really thought it was a bout to turn into personal training with Mark Beckham which wouldn’t be easy. At the last minute I was saved when Stu arrived. Well I say saved but its fair to say Stu is certainly an athlete with a kick to match! He also pushes me hard and motivates along as I tire.  Today’s finisher was a toughie too with battle ropes and slams.

You may recall I said I was sore from yesterday, I await tomorrow with interest!


So thanks for reading this far, as the the sun is shining, how about a summer song to end the post……



Day 1 so back on it we go…

gym_man_pose_pc_800_clr_1964Cycle 2 completed and straight in to cycle 3.  I went into this mornings weigh in with a certain amount of dread as the last couple of weeks was somewhat lacking motivation. However, a little bit more off, and now we into the next cycle. Additionally physio work is paying off and can lift and swing again which is great. Fitness test this morning and a short tabata of 30-10 x 6 for slams, skipping and swinging.

Tired now, and off to work!

Oh and detox, so no coffee….




So how broken…

custom_figure_pain_spot_15571Well the answer was very.

The right hand side seems to have taken a beating during this whole exercise malarky – shall we go bottom up….

Quads and thighs tight and need work along with IT Bands

Bottom is better but hips slightly out of alignment.

Lower back sore and reduced flexibility

Upper back tight – very tight

Neck stiff and compressed.

You may have noticed knees were missed out as they were working, but in fairness some rest has eased those off a bit.

For the rest of me, many sets of exercises to work it all out and repeat visits. With regards to the program, keep going was the verdict but avoid anything overhead which is duely noted, and amendments made. Eg todays floor to overhead was a switch to kettlebell pull ups, and all is well.

As an aside, tyre flipping is fun.

Enough from me, work to do…..

Fitness test – round 2…

Hi everyone,

So when I started the bootcamp/fitness academy it started with a fitness test. An unexpected test, but I made it. Some of them simple enough, others I had no idea about.


Above you can see the before and after as it were… and you will see improvements across the board. Some more than others, but improvements. Those with smaller upgrades the lack of core still is the issue, and I may need to look to further help for this.

It doesnt really tell the whole story mind you, as for example, the press up 21 to 34 0 good. But the bigger part is the increase in quality. A press up now,can be planked on toes, or knees and bent. But again, the arm and core press goes down to nose to floor, so the quality is way better.

The mountain climber needs a check, as I’ve no idea what was going on. The less of a gut helps and indeed, we did climbers during the week, so the data does stack up.

The burpee needs work, but most sessions I opt for the full extension jump but for this test, I did down one leg other leg and back up. Not great but better. Thats my target for next time.


Fairly intense start to the week, 2 down, 2 to go

ab_crunch_elbow_switch_500_clr_7109Two big sets of exercise this week, and I’ve really felt it. The good news though I am also seeing a change. From the initial week of doing just one or two sit ups we really have moved on! Phew. Monday was a true killer, the beast. 60,50,40,30,20,10 of each different exercise and the rest. Repeat in reverse. Rest, and back again for 3 full cycles.

Tonight, was a team effort, minute on no rest 6 exercises then 2 minutes rest. Slam those balls, box jumps, rowing, walk outs and pressup, snatch, and sit ups. All things designed to hurt me!

But is there a difference overall, well yes, the early weight loss was there, and certainly a loss of inches. I’ve ordered some new shirts, and the neck size is down! By a margin!

Enough from me, its time for porridge.

night all