Fitness test – round 2…

Hi everyone,

So when I started the bootcamp/fitness academy it started with a fitness test. An unexpected test, but I made it. Some of them simple enough, others I had no idea about.


Above you can see the before and after as it were… and you will see improvements across the board. Some more than others, but improvements. Those with smaller upgrades the lack of core still is the issue, and I may need to look to further help for this.

It doesnt really tell the whole story mind you, as for example, the press up 21 to 34 0 good. But the bigger part is the increase in quality. A press up now,can be planked on toes, or knees and bent. But again, the arm and core press goes down to nose to floor, so the quality is way better.

The mountain climber needs a check, as I’ve no idea what was going on. The less of a gut helps and indeed, we did climbers during the week, so the data does stack up.

The burpee needs work, but most sessions I opt for the full extension jump but for this test, I did down one leg other leg and back up. Not great but better. Thats my target for next time.


Fairly intense start to the week, 2 down, 2 to go

ab_crunch_elbow_switch_500_clr_7109Two big sets of exercise this week, and I’ve really felt it. The good news though I am also seeing a change. From the initial week of doing just one or two sit ups we really have moved on! Phew. Monday was a true killer, the beast. 60,50,40,30,20,10 of each different exercise and the rest. Repeat in reverse. Rest, and back again for 3 full cycles.

Tonight, was a team effort, minute on no rest 6 exercises then 2 minutes rest. Slam those balls, box jumps, rowing, walk outs and pressup, snatch, and sit ups. All things designed to hurt me!

But is there a difference overall, well yes, the early weight loss was there, and certainly a loss of inches. I’ve ordered some new shirts, and the neck size is down! By a margin!

Enough from me, its time for porridge.

night all



Another early start, but a little later @8

custom_clock_hands_16007Another early start then with the weekend gym session kicking off at 8. During the week @jinkstevens shared the secret of no equipment means a harder work out, and that we got during the week working against own body weight.

Today was different, with a number of exercises laid out including some bars and weights which was a new addition to the rotation. Boxes Jumps, Add Roles, Press ups, some of the usual and then there is skipping. Well, fake skipping as a I cant skip, but I swear its harder as you end up jumping more and faster. The bottoms of my feet are really feeling it today.

During the week, there was an experiment in recovery pants (tights) and they will be needed later on today.


Moving on, rest of the day is the end of the 6 nations, so out I go, but driving so no booze is needed.

I’ve changed.

I may like it.


Early start today, up at 545 in the gym for 615 feeling dead by 630

stick_figure_walk_low_battery_150_clr_4543So an early start this morning saw me make up for the missed gym session caused by the tooth issues of the week. I don’t recall being up this early before, but you know what I survived. I suspected I would need an early afternoon nap, but powered on through and made it to the other side.

Saturday morning is always an early start so up and out for 8 tomorrow…

Wish me luck

Gone of plan, but wait…

silver_platter_custom_message_16247Confession time, i’ve gone off plan, but not wholly my fault. This damn tooth you see, if made it hard to eat, so yoghurt and cup a soup was the answer (less than 700 calories that day) and today got some feeling back, but now out of sync with the plan. good news though, is that Ii made and consumed salad, so actually fallen off it in the right way!


Sadly also missed the Gym, as the though of more blood wasn’t appealing.



Motivational Data

Some times its great to see data that suggests something is going well…. click to make the image bigger….

fitbitsaturday In short what it says is most targets met in a day…. not recording water, so please don’t think I will go too thirsty.  The calorie one is an interesting one, the target is set at maintain weight, and Saturday is “Victory Meal” day…. hence the figure is way higher than might be with a meal to go.



Early Saturday – Again!

exercise_ball_squat_800_clr_8166So another early start even if I did cut it fine to the gym. A couple of killers this morning, with my lack of core making something hard, almost well impossible. Ab Grabs with medicine ball was particularly hard! I also found plank builder hard on my arms, but thats a weight pressure ratio issue!

Now – time to shower, breakfast and then shopping….


two weeks down or a third of the way

Morning everyone,

Even that sounds strange it being a morning on a Saturday and I am not in bed! I’ve been to the fitness academy and completed three sessions this week so am on track. When I think back the exercise has been hard, I’ve seen improvements, but today wasn’t great, but a cold is still slowing me down.

From a food plan point of view, stayed on track, only think missing is the eggs, but meh. I’ve made way through the plan with no cheating, and the only time, I’ve added extra was one night when really hungry added 4 mushrooms raw! So in honesty on track.

Do I feel better? Well no as i’ve got a cold! but i am more flexable, able to move better, and have been less warm at work. I’ve been able to get into press – up position and do exercises which is pleasing.

Right time for breakfast….