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End of the first working week…

So made it to the end of the week which is nice. The most appealing part has been that we’ve walked each day, and the milage has improved each day. Coffee switch made to Americano vs any milky coffee which is a step in the right direction. Next week sees the return to the sheep.

So this year, there is a motivation and a point. Not content with being huge this year, I’ve got a road trip planned in for later in the year which see’s me off to the USA. As part of this, it’s going to be hot hot hot, and there are also a number of roller coasters etc. As such, it won’t do me any harm to fix it. A few diet changes already filtering in, last huzzah tomorrow with food as part of a birthday and then we are done. Back on plan, to get on track

Wish me luck, going to need it.


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its been a while and fingers to the keyboard…

Looking at some of the posts, sometimes there is a long gap other times, a short gap, sometimes even and absence. And truth be told, I use the blog to clear my head, vent, dump out ideas, or just to think.

Here and now, head is a bit swimming about the place, but thats more to do with everything going on. I am having a busy week which is kind of unusual as it ticks overs, but a deadline looms etc etc

But in fairness i work better to deadlines and when things need to get done so thats not all bad in fairness. Its just come at a time, when as ever a cold has struck which slows me down. Thats possibly the most annoying part of it.

I guess as ever, also annoying is that I’ve been ok for ages, but then when pay for the next set of gym outings thats when the cold hits, enough to slow me down which is not fun as it does cost £99 quid for 6 weeks, and of course holiday to Spain will eat one of those weeks up.

Which then leads is nicely into the gym sessions… so of late bar some shocking attendances int he last program, I’ve consistently gone for 3 or 4 sessions to work through some of the many issues I’ve got. But, over time the purpose changed. for example, going to gym and working hard, allowed bad habits in food and drink to continue which isn’t the plan.

This then leads us on to the next part, which is that, as it stands now, or sits now ;-p I am about as big as I’ve ever been and that to be fair needs to stop before it becomes too unhealthy. So back on it with a vengeance.  An example, myfitnesspal counts the calories and today is less than 1200 in vs a target for 1kg a week and with exercise allowance leaves me 1400 to play with. The biggest non-suprise in this, I don’t feel hungry. my body is not concerned. This dear reader gvies an indication to the level over eating. And, thinking out loud, there was a foul today, no lunch time walk as work load got in the way. still shows my progress, and to be fair, am there or there abouts which doesn’t surprise me. Eva is kicking ass and well played to her in all fairness. But nice weather, feeling better, more energy, I will be back on it.


Next up, the boiler has decided its finally had enough. Whenever its been iffy and I’ve rang a plumber and gone ” I’ve got an ideal Isar” they reply with either ” and the control board has gone” or “oh dear” which gives an indication about how poor its been. To be fair it was fitted to the property when i moved in so i cant overally object. A replacement is needed along with some new pipes for gas… so if you’ve got a spare 2k floating around…please….


As ever, bank of dad may be needed for this one.

And perhaps enough writing for now, but coming up is a holiday and perhaps its nice to have a rest. Here’s hoping its a nice as it looks online, but you never know… and hopefully the 5 or so hours to get there are not as bad as it can be. 5 hours is about when i start to get a little fed up and bad tempered. But what you gonna do? its just a means to an end and then a nice pool, some sunshine and tan through shorts will all be that I need.

Enough from me for now.







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Pushing on through…


Not quite to thpushing_up_arrow_300_clr_13228e other side, but through the pain, through the barrier, and through to the otherside. This exercise program has been tough, really tough. Thats probably not

a surprise, but I’ve pushed on. Up the kettle bell, up the slam weight, up the power bag, indeed just up. A few reasons, I am being pushed on by @jinkystevens and jo – for that there is a thanks due I think.



However, there is a little annoyance at points, and I must conquer the rowing machine – I stroke more, but go less and its got to be technique or strength. Either way I am on it. And I probably need to swear less at chris!

In time I am sure it will get better.

It will….


New for this time around is keeping a diary of “what I did” and “how I felt”. It makes for interesting reading so far. It also shows the patterns and trends in the exercises so far.

Right enough for now, little update for which I apologise, I should be better at this. Early start tomorrow, 6:15 session (am) so help me….




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Ahh the 4th…

Hi All,

Well the 4th means many things:

  1. Back to work
  2. Back to the fitness academy
  3. Traffic
  4. The tunnel
  5. Seeing who left us under restructing

Back to work is easy enough, apart from lack of structure and sleep over the past 2 weeks. Add to tht i am writing this at 1130pm, signs dont look good….

A new six week fitness program is in play along with new food plan. Tomorrow is egg day, meh and yuck!

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Kickboxercise or Fun on a Sunday!

kung_fu_kick_opponent_400_wht_3040So its a Sunday and that means one of two things, either 1) open gym – go and do something or 2) Kickboxercise which is more fun! I’ve even got the bruises to show for it today.

As ever, Chris and I are not meant to hit each other, but due to mistimings and in some case, a lack of remembering what the hell we were meant to be doing didnt help. I should also apologise to him, for higher, and then raising the wrong arm!


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