Food banks, Gateshead foodbank and the trussell trust…

gfbAs part of being a better person i attempt to do my share of good deeds. Sometimes its a donation of money, other times it donation of time and expertise.  Through work I’ve spent some time with the Gateshead food bank which is a local charity who collect food and make up emergency parcels that are given to people in distress and need who without it would go hungry. Its very much an emergency measure and you cant then rely on it, as there are many rules covering what, when and who can gain a food parcel.

Previously, with colleagues and friends from work we’ve done warehousing and general tidy up duty bringing a little organisation to the warehouse. As its grown, we;ve helped them move to a new warehouse, and built more shelving then I’ve ever seen before, and it all goes to a good cause.

Additionally, i’ve been to a charity celidh and danced about a bit and had good gun!

This weekend sees Tesco’s neighbour food collection through which you can donate and Tesco add a 3rd more to your donation. I’ve been shopping and added to the collection. Here, I used club card vouchers, so in the end it was a zero cost donation plus an extra third! not a bad idea. You can learn more here

So I feel like i’ve done my bit, but it did make me think in todays modern society how we’ve ended up in the situation where the service is needed. Has state aid or social care given up? Is it austerity measures gone mad? Or has this kind of thing always happened. There is a lot of news stories out there showing the need eg or here or here . A lot of the stories are all saying there is a disconnect with government, and perhaps there is as they dont see whats going on at ground level.

I’ve drifted onto another subject, but to wrap up, I am glad I am able to do something  to help others in need, and encourage you all to think about the cause, or any cause you support and continue to help out where you can.

you never know when you, yourself may need assistance…



Its been a while, be welcome back android

droidevolWell i tried, i really did. Win Phone 8 was great as a phone and the integration to Exchange and Calendar was great, but once past that it came a little unstuck around the edges. Too many times click a link and nope, you are using IE6 so no. It become frustrating.

So simple things seemed to be missing, like turn on/off voice mail. Redirect all or nothing. Network setup was required it just wasnt friendly. Photos good, but getting them off live was harder than it needed to be, and then the final straw.

“send text to bob” spinny thing and “i cant find that contact” more times than not a miss. Indeed, people knew when i was voice texting as the messages become so comical it was no longer funny.

motogSo, I’ve gone back to andriod, and you know what its a pleasure it just works. No doubt helped by the lack of clutter and customisation, its stock android and it just works. Its quick and easy and done everything I’ve asked of it. A Moto supplied app called Assist looks good, but is cut down for the MOto X so its not that great but you dont have to use it.

Paid £110 for the phone £60 back form recycling helped cushion the blow, and its worth every penny. If you are looking for an android, consider it!

the end of the week that was….. not all that in honesty.

SDWell I am glad the week is over, and I cant hide from that. Its been hard recovering from a weekend away, and I know that means that I am getting/am old but wow its taken a while. Never, have I been in bed this early so often but hey it is infact making me feel better.

Some potted bits from the week:

  • Disappointing to have to say bye to someone this week, as their learning journey came to an end, and this always leads to reflection
  • Some new challenges with our new new people that need working through, but I don’t have all the info, I need to chase that
  • Good run-out on Thursday, until it started to rain from inside my jacket, that wasn’t pleasant!
  • APR completed and accepted which is pleasing, but my god how much effort?? and how can it be done smarter?
  • Need to rebalance the work life balance again
  • Finally got around to all that laundry, just ironing to go
  • Some good twitter conversations….
  • I am listening to Jimmy Somerville… who would have thought so many songs!
  • Virginmedia have apologised for my phone not working abroad and suggest its my fault for not speaking to them, i suggest its their fault as in my account online, it says its all ok, pack your bags and go….

Strange when i look back to the week a lot of it is a blur in all fairness.

Moving forward:

  • Ironing
  • New people Admin
  • Back to the day job
  • More gym time as its been sadly lacking
  • Spend no money.

I am sure there is more but…



Use your brain near a train….


metroWell the video starts by reminding you breathe the air and drink liquids which sets the tone nicely…for this awful bit of “public safety”video. Given all the modernisation work, and general gripes about lack of service standards, this may not be the right idea at the right time….But i am sure a social media genius believes it to be fine…


And the video…Oh Really?



I really cant believe they’ve done this…. and its been interesting to see some of the twitter based reactions.  It may not be going as well as they thought…

And this too….

 Now you might just be thinking Carl (never met the person) has a gripe but loads of others too….




It will be interesting to see what actually happens, there is some press reaction too:

And i am sure i could find more examples, but enough already….

And an update another video this time showing CCTV footage of people and Metro doors….



Touch Rugby Thursday

An interesting session in wet and windy conditions. Made more interesting by the appearance of more Rugby league apprentices.Certainly they have youth and enthusiasm on their side, but lacking discipline. It seems to be deemed ok to break some of the important simple rules of the game that are there to keep it safe for everyone. The justification of its just Bob or Jim is not acceptable and next week will see a clamp down. I did call shoulders a few times, but the sin bin comes next….

When everyone is playing the game as we should its great, lets not let it get spoiled.