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Your vote, your choice…

Well it’s been a rollercoaster of a ride, but where will it end?

Queuing to vote…

I would say its been a blast, but it hasn’t…. I would say its been honest, but it hasn’t…. I would say its been positive… but it hasnt….

Pretty sure you get the picture as the country heads into an election result, and certainly, as I write this, the forecast is way strong to one side than I expected.

My own guess was another hung parliament and lot’s more fighting… but if the forecast and exit polls are right, it then suggests an agenda, that doesn’t float my boat.

My yard stick as ever as was do your own research, make an informed decision, but vote. I followed my own guide, did research, checked where I sat and voted accordingly. I fear for the NHS, and my other half works there, and my parents certainly use it.

I also as part of my research read something that said from all the manifesto’s there was only one that would further increase child poverty over the next parliament. Whilst I’ve got no children, I can’t imagine a situation where I could support that…. Does this mean Brexit was infact bigger than real social issues and things that really hurt people.

Lot’s to think of, and I am not sure what tomorrow will bring.

Stay calm and carry on all…



First day back

So my holiday is now almost like a distance memory as I’ve had quite a lot to do, and the work keeps on coming. Sometimes it feels like we fabricate stuff for ourselves and that can be very counter productive. But, as needs must as we go off down a journey… and its not like its destination unknown.

Hope you enjoyed that musical interlude, even if it does indeed run contrary to my narrative. But hey ho, you cant win them all.

Tomorrow sees a return to midweek squash so that should be fun, just need to remember to pack my kit in the morning. Oh and get up early, and get to work early, just the usual stuff.

Have a good one.



So somethings have to change…

Well dear reader, assuming there is still a read out there, we need to have a conversation, we need to discuss something important and somethings have to change.

Every now and then in life, there is a surprise or a shock and you end up taking stock to some extent. This time, it was a phone call on the way to work to tell me that my mother was unwell, dad was in a panic. Ambulance called, just waiting for arrival.  From the limited bit I got, as panic was in charge, I got that we were having trouble breathing and didn’t feel well. Now for some reason dad went for the 111 non emergency number, but quite quickly it was triaged and become important enough for the flashing lights to be on their way.

I arrived just before the ambulance and tried to calm people down and then they arrived and let them do their thing. Its clearly serious enough, with wires, leads and monitors all beeping away. Information sent to hospital and urgent attendance needed…. so off they go. I chase them down and find them in A&E doing all the things they need to do. We say our bit, and wait for details. Stabilisation is the order of the day and quickly with the appropriate care, improvement is rapid and massive.

Further care needed, and a transfer to another hospital is the order of the day as specialisation means different things go to different places. For the north east, The Freeman is the heart & lung place of choice , infact known around the world. They reject her as not serious enough, so fear not, off we go to Sunderland Royal.

Settled in, treatment discussed, Angioplasty (stents and balloons to you and I) is the order of the day, and its planned in fairly routine.


But then, the first spanner in the works…. A coloured die is injected to see how it all looks and the surgeon doesn’t fancy it, more complicated… its been escalated. Another hospital is on the cards, either Freeman or James Cook (wayyy down south). We suggest Freeman is better suited and easier for us all, but its bed availability that’s key. 3 days of waiting eventually transferred across. New surgery planned, a triple bypass no less! Good effort mother!

Second spanner in the works.  Off to theatre, all planned in – we hide at home as its safer and we can’t do anything of use to anyone at this point. Advised to call after 11…. We watch the clock, watch it some more, and then finally its time to call.  I am given the dubious pleasure.

I call and and told back in ICU all ok, but there are complications. That set my heart racing! But, it turns out what that actually means is that the operation was aborted before it began. It seems mother decided things were not complicated enough, so she would add something new to the mix. Now she has no allergies we are aware of… but (and you can guess where this is going) We understand she went to sleep ok, but then was given the necessary drugs for the op (4 different ones….) and it seems she is allergic to one of them…


They correctly back out of the operation. Back to ICU.

It seems mother isn’t happy with the provided breathing tube, and decides to pull it out. That didn’t go down well with the nurses. Ooops

Plan B is resurrected, with the balloons and stents back on the table, as its a local and not general anaesthetic.  This I am pleased to say worked better, and she’s made it home so phew….

So thanks for reading this far, but you are questioning whats this all got to do with the title…. well as part of the visiting etc etc, and maybe its because barriers are down etc, mother decided life was changing, better food, no cheating, a diet you name it. In short, she outright called me fat, and my dad, and my partner…. So if you know me, its a factually correct statement and I’ve never hidden from this.  But given the scare, and support she needs, maybe it is time to make a change, and properly do something about it.  A lot of heart disease and block arteries are diet related, and to be fair its in my control if i want it to be.

So its time to make changes, eat healthier, get back on the bandwagon…. and support the family whilst helping my self.

Today was day one, and its been good, no cheating at work, less coffee, salad for lunch. A 2 miles walk at lunch. Gym tonight for rowing and weights, and then a little sauna and swim to cool it all down.

Now Rome wasn’t built in a day, and one day doesnt make a week or a month. But its a start, and it needed to start.


Enough from me for now.










So this past weekend, we had need as a family to make use of the NHS and emergency services. Its something we kind of take for granted, and I know we can see the pressures they face. They were fantastic in helping, caring and fixing which is what we needed. Additionally, they offer for the patient to stay in, or go home… As responsible people, on balance we chose to go home as family we were able to cope and tide the person over whilst appropriate medication kicks in.

As we hit voting day, I ask you all to vote, not just based on a headline, but on a fact based approach having considered the issues and things that are important to you. I don’t mind how you vote, but vote, and make an informed decision….






Write it down, move on…

custom_heart_character_13296Well sometimes I do say write it down, get it out there, and move on. And in fairness, that seems to have worked. I talked about feeling exposed, and its done no need to rehash the wheel so to speak. I did email the people at the gym and they picked up my points quickly and suggested things to do around scaling and if you need a break do so, which is all sensible stuff. In hind sight, I shouldn’t have emailed them, but it was part of clearing out the mind.

So change of mindset, relax and refresh and back to 100%




DIY – a work in progress

stick_figure_carrying_wood_400_wht_7671So a few days off has seen me working at the parents on their new bathroom. It started off by finding a leak and repairing to lets have a whole new bathroom.  its been a large lwork in progress. For the past two days it has been wall panels and the like. Tonight was buying the last of the bathroom furntiure, but its done….

Time to go back to work to relax, and unwind…



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