Oh no more price increase….

Its getting tougher as they years by, as salaries (as far as I know) clearly are not keeping up with the changes (read increases) we see in the house hold bills.

A handy graph from the good folk at the BBC shows this rather well:



Thanksfully for the parents, they are on a fixed rate deal so this insulated them quite nicely for the next two years, but i hate to consider the increase after that – ouch. For my self, time will tell what Sainsbury Energy do, as I am with them. But, as they are British Gas in disguise, I suspect I will suffer the same….

So at the weekend, time to dig out the warm clothing as it starts to get expensive heating the house! Or someone give me some cash?????



The death of the highstreet, some retailers not helping their own cause…

During the week we had visitors come see us at work, so I went out and bought a new shirt (which I then didn’t wear!). This mean a trip out to the Metrocentre and a visit to a couple of shops. Recently the catalogue shop Jacamo opened an outlet there selling mens under Jacamo brand and ladies items via the Simplybe brand.

I wandered about and select a shirt at £30 as there was nothing cheaper and no sale rail but hey ho, as needs must. Continue reading

long day, long night, and sleep

My word its been a long day, which started with the sniffles, I suspect its a precursor to man flu but hey ho. I’ve taken some VIT C energy drink and that just turns my pee a funny colour, but hey ho. A long patchy morning and an equally longer afternoon meeting didnt raise the mood any either. From this didnt want to, but i did attend the gym. Now everything hurts.

Night all



Best made plans and the Shields Ferry…

So holiday Mk2 started with bingo in south shields, not to be repeated, then drinks in south shields before moving north via the ferry. That all worked out well and during my round, i managed 3 pints for £5.80. We worked our way up to the Tynemouth and drank out way around the village. Then as time get on, time to get back to the ferry. A long walk, at pace, and we got there to find it closed. Who would have thought last ferry at 6. A long walk uphill to north shields metro for a long, long metro ride back to my home town and then a 20 minute walk.


Tired now, back on the sofa, and now nearly time for bed. The day was good fun, but appointment at the bank for the morning…