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I’ve been irked for a while…

And it has taken too long for me to get around to writing some “stuff” down.

Me – November 2022

Indeed, its been a while and probably more than the usual 6 months when I feel the need to write stuff down. And even then, I’ve been lax at putting it down, but I’ve found a few minutes in my day to eventually do that.

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I should add its not game over or nothing as bold or as bad as that, but I’ve been thinking. That’s always an odd thing to write, as we are always thinking, deciding, and doing. But I’ve made a decision, and it’s been brewing for a while, and it’s come to the for and front.

It relates to negativity.

There is so much of it in the world now, be it environment, financial, political, media – you name it and there is negativity. It’s bad, but thats not the point of what I am trying to write out now.

It’s for me, more about the personal negatively, or the things that which I can have influence or some control to be fair. I’ve felt, for a while now that some people can just be a little toxic, or something that effects the mood. Whilst undoubtfully some of it will be in jest or for “humour” and lot’s of it can be written off, but in fairness, it’s tiring and I don’t need.

As such, I’ve slowly withdrawn from some activities, and reduced exposure to some activities and some people as it’s apparent that its just not worth the effort. No matter what, its just not a good happy place.

So now, you are probably thinking what set this off? In honesty I don’t know but i suspect its been building for a while. I also suspect “the people” are unaware of their own behaviours and attitudes.

For me now, its lets not loose any sleep over this, and just move on with life. Control the things we controll, sweat the stuff worth sweating and not giving them the chance to continue to be as they are.

I tried to find a nice way to summarise it, and I found this below:


It has been a while so there were updates, so many updates….

So word press is generally quite good, tells you about updates and just gets on with it. Occasionally stuff changes and moves, a quick google and away you go. Today it was PHP, that needed a change on the host side, which they helped point me in the right direction.

But a simpler thing, like getting it to tweet, nope , nada, zilch, zip…. unless this works then I……


Car tyres…

mechanic_tire_tools_400_clr_4824Right then, left work late so missed a gym session. Rather than go home and sit on the sofa and do nothing, I thought lets sort out that slow puncture….

Off I went to local friendly shopping warehouse to go spec it out. Branded tires all michellin but others to order. A helpful man took the size 185 55 r15 of he went and a little over £60 branded tire, fitted, valve, balance and some nitrogen. Seems ok and will do me. Just before I pay he decides to check the speed rating…. or the what now…..

Apparently the manufacturer specifies mine needs to be a V so we’ve got a problem, all they have is an H, so no go.

Tyre Speed Rating Table

Speed Rating Mile/Hour Kilometers/Hour Speed Rating Miles/Hour Kilometers/Hour
N 87 140 U 124 200
P 93 150 H 130 210
Q 99 160 V 149 240
R 106 170 Z 150+ 240+
S 112 180 W 168 270
T 118 190 Y 186 300

Check out the handy table above…. V or 149 miles per hour….. rather than an H 130…..

At this point dear reader, let me explain the vehicle I drive, Its a 1.4 Mazda 2 diesel – I go no where quickly ever. Fact.

I dont even think the speedo goes up to 149 miles per hour, going by how noisy the thing is at 60 I would go deaf even trying!

Short version no new tyres for me car.

Longer version Michellin dont do my size in a V, so it needs to be a special order so need to wait for a quote for some bridgestones.




A Friday night at Kingston Park normally means one thing….. Rain

So premiership rugby returned to Kingston Park on Friday night and that can only mean one thing – it would rain, and indeed it did, for 3 hours solid. As a regular North stander (we’ve got roof, no toilets etc if you know the song)  I am used to putting up with whatever the weather throws at me.

I checked the forecast and it did in fairness look like a cold wet night, so I prepared as normal. Work clothes, extra layers, some water proofs, bases layers etc. I struggle with hats as they don’t tend to fit, and gloves, either too cold or too hot, or too thick so I cant drink (plastic glasses) and cant tweet.

During the summer at a visit to the Argos clearance shop I stumbled across these:


From the golf range, so water proof, warm enough not too bulky, so I bought a pair (helped by the fact £7)

Last night I tried them out, and the verdict?




I just dont get mittens, there are many problems…

  • Good luck scratching your nose
  • Good luck trying to tweet
  • Good luck picking up your pint
  • Good luck picking up anything
  • Good luck eating
  • Just good luck

I did manage to open a bottle of coke, but when closing it I trapped the mitten in the lid so atleast i didnt have to carry the bottle.  Despite Mrs Rolf telling me mittens are awesome they are not.

The only thing that could have less appropriate would have been these…


I might try that for the next game……






No reward for loyalty, so I am off, bye VM hello Sky



So, I’ve been with VM for 4 years now, and following many prices rises over the years the price has increased year on year. As ever, new customers get the best deals,  and as an existing customer, you drop of a deal and they hope you will accept it.  Previously, I’ve been on a loyalty discount which was trigged by a change = upgrade to service  but it also lowered the bill.

AS its the new year, checking over finances, i notice the discount drops off in February so i give them a call to see what happens next.  I am told it will drop off but lets see what we can do. I am warned that I wont get the same level of discount, which i can understand, but I made it clear cost is the driver for my call. The best option is a discount but at a lower rate so an  increase in costs.

So I look elsewhere and hello Sky. From a package point of view its similar but not identical, I loose BT sport, gain fatser broadband, so a little of swings and roundabouts.  I also manage a referal discount, so that skews it towards sky. The upshot is a saving of £11 for the first 6 months and then a £3 saving for remainder, and its just a 12 month contract.

To ask Sky, i ring VM again to say I am off and had a similar conversation and again told price will go up. I decide I am off as there is no scope. I’ve signed up with Sky, a longer phone call than i wanted but its all done. 2 engineers needed a sky one and BT one, but i will cope.

Today, a call from VM, not arranged, but also not expected. Started badly, as I didnt want to cough up personal details, until it was them, didnt want to be in a pishing thing. Long story short, they offered continuation at same price, or cheaper for 6 months then more expensive.

So I’ve declined, it might be nice to keep same services as it all works, but in fairness, its more the issue of i called twice to see whats happening and they couldn’t or were not allowed to help – so where is the reward for loyalty? The systems let them down in the this case.

Off to Sky i go, and i am aware grass isnt always greener on the otherside, but its a 12 month contract, so lets see how it goes.






so the chromebook became unwell before christmas, and has been away…


So you may recall i said nice things about the chromebook, lightweight, quick, easy and good battery life. It did most things I wanted and rarely was it troubled. And then Blue, blue was the colour, everything went blue.

I tried to speak to the retailer Tesco in this example, who decline my right of return, as 3 months is too long. I would suggest 3 months for a new electrical item is anything but, and they said they needed a chance to repair. Ok, but they dont repair items as the warranty/guarantee sits with Samsung so they say.  I’ve checked and in law we can ignore that, but they need a chance to remedy a fault. Which is fine, but they kept saying they dont repair stuff, and needed to go to Samsung. Circles were went around and in the end, I spoke to Samsung, who a) left me an abrupt voicemail and b) want photos of the problem, which they then couldnt open.

I also point out Samsung were sending emails to me from COUSTOMER support which, err, may be wrong. Repair agreed around christmas time, so working days only etc, which i can understand. Its a computerised process and this is where it went a let wrong. I got a text to say repair people would be intouch to arrange collection. From this i expected a call/email/letter or something to let me know the plan and when to collect. What acutally happens is a text from DPD telling you a parcel is coming. No context no nothing. As it was christmas time, I assume it was an incoming parcel and not Samung/its agent, so the man arrived, and the Chrome book wasnt there. Arse.

I managed to rearrange the delivery, thanks to DPD who were really good.

I rang the repair agents to check it would be ok and was told it would be -phew.

Then a text saying the repair had been cancelled, so back on the phone to Samsung, who explained it was an issue and the courier had been cancelled and rpocess starts again with another two day wait. Alas the man at Samsung appeared to be making things up as the courier still came and collected, and the repair went ahead.

To be fair to repair agents, they apologised for cancelling in error, but a new order had to be raised, which meant another courier collection for an item already collected – oh the joys of automation. I managed to get them to cancel that collection! I recieved 3 further cancellation texts from Samsung, which I started to ignore.

DPD tracking let me see the item arrive at the repair agent, nd they turned it around very quickly. A new motherboard, I’ve learned, so a bluescreen = broken broken. Item returned via DPD. However, another text message from SAmsung tells me the item has been delivered. I ring them to check, and it has been delivered that means its been delivered to the courier – top tip Samsung, make the text say that, rather than confusing the issue.


So its repaired, and working, as I type on it now! phew

Samsung score 2/10 for item breaking so soon

Samsung support score 1/10 – making stuff up is bad, sending emails from COUSTOMER is bad, the automated process not making sense is bad.

Repair agent – Digicare – thanks for fixing it 8/10 – only let down by cnacelling the order in error, but you did apologise and I thank you for that.

Tesco for being awful about a return/repair 0/10. If it breaks again, I shall be after money back and something different!


Thanks for reading this rant!


So that was christmas, and look what you’ve done….


Hello everyone,

Another Christmas passes us by and it of course makes me a little reflective looking back at was has been and then looking forward to what is yet to come. The biggest thing to strike me this year is the amount of effort and expense that goes into a single day. Its njot just the gifts, its everything else from food to drink, cards to wrapping paper, nights out etc etc.


It all seems in the cold light of day, a bit much! Now i might not seem to be full of christmas spirit and the true is this year i probably am not. A difficult end to the working year, then some problems along the way, including the inevitable winter cold has left me feeling more than a little bah humbug. Add to that a gas leak which looked like it was going to mean a big switch up to christmas different house etc, then it all got a bit meh!

Christmas day it self was fine, with cooking as the focus and taxis service, all of which i dont mind. But then its all over, just like that. So much prep and effort…

Yeah clearly bah humbug has set in. Next up is new year, and to be honest i dont get it, I really dont. People expect to have such a brilliant time but more often than not its a damp squib or overpriced, cant get a taxis, the list goes on and on. So for this I just opt out and give up its less pain!

Right enough of this miserableness, time to go do more laundry!



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