The last leg….

Happy new year and the lag coefficient…

Hi All,

I’ve been trying to write this post for ages, but I keep getting distracted.  I blame the Gin…


I read a piece about the best gin, and apparently it is Mango and black pepper. So its new year, so why not try it – so I did. The mango was great it seemed to make the drink smoother. Round 2 included the black pepper, and in fairness that didn’t work for me. I’ve gone back to type now, and its Gin, Tonic with Lemon and Lime.

As its new year, I shall move to something different soon, but I don’t know what.


blog_mouse_pc_400_clr_2729 (1)

So I’ve been writing on and off for a year now, with much more activity early in the year, with it tappering off as I forgot to write, but it got better, later on. I find my self asking, why am I writing? In honesty not sure but it give me a chance to communicate to the outside world, with almost certain knowledge no one else see’s this which is great. I can whinge, moan, or bitch as needed. But in fairness, I don’t think I’ve been too bad this year. Outside of this blog, I also blog for the rugby team I follow and represent a whole stand. That picks up many random reads and followers.


Today’s post whilst retrospective at the start was meant to be a general wish of happy new year to you all, and this is may chance to say that.

Happy New Year and all the best to you and yours

Its temping to think about whats going to change and how will it be better, but i am sure we’ve all been there at times of making resolutions, perhaps its time, to think bigger.


This leads nicely on to the lag coefficient, which I think its about 4 – so let me explain. In the past I’ve made news years resolutions, be fitter, weigh less, go to Australia, buy a house… and invariably it doesn’t happen. Or not….. its become apparent I seem to work on a lag or delay, and I say will do it, but it takes a few years to catch up with me, so three or fours years ago? I  think that was find someone to love and get fitter not fatter. This year? I am not going on record, as it will be a surprise for a few years time.

Update, this was posted to facebook and sums it up well:



And where would we be without music….


And is now the tradition, there should be fireworks, so here goes….



A funny old week….

survivor_resting_on_buoy_300_clr_8546I think the phrase is thats its been a funny old week, but sadly anything but funny. Something, or a combination of things is annoying me and getting to me, and normally, i would let that build, and eventually work to resolve. But this time, stopped early , but not got to the root of my boggle.

This then has confused me, and my tiny mind as I am not sure what i need to fix, or who i need to fix. I am sure it will rumble on for a bit. New person and new plan for next week so will have to wait and see how that develops.

WP_20130916_006Tomorrow then see’s a trip to Tynemouth for beers and food. The usual crew, is somewhat weakened by sickness and other commitments, but looking forward to it. Might need an early night to survive.


Tonight is brought to you by Kebab, my sofa, and beer, free beer at that.



A Friday night at Kingston Park normally means one thing….. Rain

So premiership rugby returned to Kingston Park on Friday night and that can only mean one thing – it would rain, and indeed it did, for 3 hours solid. As a regular North stander (we’ve got roof, no toilets etc if you know the song)  I am used to putting up with whatever the weather throws at me.

I checked the forecast and it did in fairness look like a cold wet night, so I prepared as normal. Work clothes, extra layers, some water proofs, bases layers etc. I struggle with hats as they don’t tend to fit, and gloves, either too cold or too hot, or too thick so I cant drink (plastic glasses) and cant tweet.

During the summer at a visit to the Argos clearance shop I stumbled across these:


From the golf range, so water proof, warm enough not too bulky, so I bought a pair (helped by the fact £7)

Last night I tried them out, and the verdict?




I just dont get mittens, there are many problems…

  • Good luck scratching your nose
  • Good luck trying to tweet
  • Good luck picking up your pint
  • Good luck picking up anything
  • Good luck eating
  • Just good luck

I did manage to open a bottle of coke, but when closing it I trapped the mitten in the lid so atleast i didnt have to carry the bottle.  Despite Mrs Rolf telling me mittens are awesome they are not.

The only thing that could have less appropriate would have been these…


I might try that for the next game……





In the unlikely event of a fire alarm…..

storm_siren_anim_150_clr_14860Well it had to happen sooner or later, but as part of the recruitment pre-amble we have a line around ” in the unlikely event of a fire alarm we will ensure you leave the building or if you are being interviewed the interviewer will take care of you” At no point did I ever think we would need it, but today we did.

I can only hope the people enjoyed their five minutes fresh air!


So I am not wanting to get out of bed, I am just stuck here….

Morning, well afternoon all,

This post is brought to you from my bed, via Chromebook, an internet connection and I suspect more computing power than I can imagine.

Fair to say its been a difficult month so far in the work place, as resource demands way outstrip resource available, so either cut corners, or drop the ball, a fairly untenable position. But, I’m dealing the cards I’ve been dealt and bringing about the best results that I can, nothing more, nothing less.

earSince last post around ears, things have evened out, I wouldn’t say fixed, but are better. A move off the antibiotics has helped in all fairness since the chemistry in there must have been broken. I’ve been “drug” free for a week at the request of the doctor and I am back in the surgery next week to be prodded again.

I still think there is more to do , but will just have to to wait and see at this point for the final resolution.

Newcastle_falcons_badgeThis seasons renewal letter has been met by a level of apathy so i am on the fence. Its not just one years worth of rubbish/dross/sh**e or what ever you want to call it. I’ve had a season ticket now for 5 or 6 years and its the cumulative effect that is the issue. A price rise also doesnt help. I suppose in the grand scheme the per match price isnt bad, its just not worth it. The increase in parking cost is also fairly poor.

c25k_258x158Seems but a distant memory the wholee C25K but ii think its almost time to go back and revisit it now. I dropped off the radar due to a fairly long cold and spell of just feeling awful. Add the ear into the mix, and I’ve been knacked. Touch rugby has kicked in again and that with more walking has increased activity levels. I am still missing swimming mind you.


Well that’s enough writing for the moment it is now time to move, get out of bed, stretch and do something. The photo left, may give you an idea of the first task! Then its clean up in the kitchen, and lots of bleech I think…. but dinner first as it is after 1!



Thanks for reading this far if you have, good work. Oh and lastly, Tinder, whats that all about then 😉




my ears, oh my ears, why dont my ears work…

Perforated eardrum

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Perforated eardrum
Classification and external resources
ICD10 H72S09.2
ICD9 384.2
DiseasesDB 13473
MedlinePlus 001038
eMedicine ent/206
MeSH C09.218.903

perforated eardrum or punctured eardrum is a rupture or perforation (hole) of the eardrum which can occur as a result of otitis media (ear infection), trauma (e.g. by trying to clean the ear with sharp instruments), explosion, loud noise or surgery (accidental creation of a rupture). Flying with a severe cold can also cause perforation due to changes in air pressure and blocked eustachian tubes resulting from the cold. This is especially true on landing.[1]

Perforation of the eardrum leads to conductive hearing loss, which is usually temporary. Other symptoms may include tinnitus, earache or a discharge of mucus.[2]


The perforation may heal in a few weeks, or may take up to a few months.[3] Some perforations require intervention. This may take the form of a paper patch to promote healing (a simple procedure by an ear, nose and throat specialist), or surgery (tympanoplasty).[4][5] However, in some cases, the perforation can last several years and will be unable to heal naturally. Such cases are usually a result of a perforation being surgically induced during an operation involving the ear.

Hearing is usually recovered fully, but chronic infection over a long period may lead to permanent hearing loss. Those with more severe ruptures may need to wear an ear plug to avoid water making contact with the ear drum.

just thinking…

Pork pie

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
For other uses, see Pork pie (disambiguation).
Pork pie
Meat pie
Pork pie on plate.jpg
Alternative name(s):
Porkie pie, Porkie
Serving temperature:
Main ingredient(s):
Porkpork jellyhot water crust pastry
Gala pie, Growler
Recipes at Wikibooks:
Cookbook Pork pie
Media at Wikimedia Commons:
Wikimedia Commons  Pork pie

pork pie is a traditional British meat pie. It consists of roughly chopped pork and pork jelly sealed in a hot water crust pastry.[1] It is normally eaten cold as a snack or as part of a meal

So that was christmas, and look what you’ve done….


Hello everyone,

Another Christmas passes us by and it of course makes me a little reflective looking back at was has been and then looking forward to what is yet to come. The biggest thing to strike me this year is the amount of effort and expense that goes into a single day. Its njot just the gifts, its everything else from food to drink, cards to wrapping paper, nights out etc etc.


It all seems in the cold light of day, a bit much! Now i might not seem to be full of christmas spirit and the true is this year i probably am not. A difficult end to the working year, then some problems along the way, including the inevitable winter cold has left me feeling more than a little bah humbug. Add to that a gas leak which looked like it was going to mean a big switch up to christmas different house etc, then it all got a bit meh!

Christmas day it self was fine, with cooking as the focus and taxis service, all of which i dont mind. But then its all over, just like that. So much prep and effort…

Yeah clearly bah humbug has set in. Next up is new year, and to be honest i dont get it, I really dont. People expect to have such a brilliant time but more often than not its a damp squib or overpriced, cant get a taxis, the list goes on and on. So for this I just opt out and give up its less pain!

Right enough of this miserableness, time to go do more laundry!