Last week/next week

Its Saturday again and I find myself watching the 6 nations and letting the weekend pass me by. Loads of stuff to do, but no will to do it.



I look back to last week, and try to work out what I achieved. What does spring to mind, was “my fault” was used a few times, both rightly and wrongly. It’s sometimes disappointing to pick up the grief but not the reward when you step up. We forget sometimes people don’t step up, so if you risk it, then atleast I think we should support people and accept that sometimes things may go wrong. Sadly, business need often then is rolled out as a reason for all.


I also discovered late in the week an issue with a tooth, a big bugger at the back upper left as i see it. I suspect its one of the many where root canal was done and filled. I only spotted it, due to a sharp edge rubbing against my tongue.  Thankfully, so far, no pain, so booked in with the dentist but sadly appointment is 24th of the month, so quite a way to go. Lets hope the pain stays away.





Hmm, not the right image really as suggests walking into the sunset but its not really. I’ve been tracking steps and sleep with  a fitbug i got in the sale. However, its simplicity is the biggest issue. One LED doesnt always explain whats its doing, so sometimes, I am asleep when I am awake and vice versa. Because of this, I’ve upgraded to the fitbit charge, which has a display and has a little more functionality. An offer code for Argos helped reduce the cost of the item down.


Tracking of walking/exercise, goes hand in hand with tracking food. For a little while, I’ve been considering a boot camp but it comes with an eating plan. Lots of protein little carbs sums it up. However, most of the lean stuff chicken and fish are things i really struggle with. As such, I’ve faced some fears this past week with a baked cod dish – foil parcel, salt pepper and chilli peppers and was very nice. I’ve gone as far as buying more fish this week. Chicken still presents an issue, but did manage turkey the other day.




Next up, sort out what I plan to do with boot camp and if going to do it…





So what did I learn today?

Hi All,

A few things were learned today:

bend_around_time_400_clr_12158Back to work after the Christmas holidays was more painful than it feels it should be. A busy day with many systems issues made it worse, and the amount of people yawing.




stick_figure_load_boxes_400_clr_8380The good people of DPD managed to deliver to me 3 pyrex glass dishes all as expected with no damage in sight. The idea here is to start batch cooking again so I’ve got stuff for nights and then left overs to work. Part of the plan to economise and stop using the cash machine at work. You might ask so how much was the glassware? good news is less than one trip to the cash machine.




As return from work was reasonable and then went to Morrisons for odds and ends which was ok, I expected to make a pasta bake, but sadly due to a visit to the parents and then off to friends to exchange belated christmas gifts this didnt happen. No, the icecream didnt happen either, so it was 3 sticks of pineapple and 4 crackers as thats all that I did fancy when I got in.



water_bottle_400_clr_9138Also I learned today that I need to take a water bottle back to work, as I’ve been parched and needed a drink for large parts of the day. Even now still a little thirsty but I will fix that before I nod off.



I’ve just found this:

The European Food Safety Authority recommends that women should drink about 1.6 litres of fluid and men should drink about 2.0 litres of fluid per day. That’s about eight glasses of 200ml each for a woman, and 10 glasses of 200ml each for a man.

You can read more about water in this article from the NHS.

Enough of this as I am some what tired….. and its time to recharge those batteries….




So back to work then….

Where did I leave my checklist? Well I am not quite that anal about things but I’ve had to do some bits and pieces in advance.

email_envelope_400_clr_7126I’ve sent out a few emails, letting the new guys know the rough plan for the week. I’ve emailed the new people supporting the new guys so the know what the rough plan is too. I will however, have to drag oneself in early tomorrow to make sure that I’ve got some kind of workable schedule. I probably should have done that before now, but there is nothing really spoiling I dont think. One email to the boss too incase there is an issue, there might not be, but an FYI was justified I think.



There was a hair cut the other day, so that sharpened the top of my head but I’ve been dabbling away with experiments in facial hair, and it might stick with me for a little bit longer. The grey is coming in mind you so in due course that may well have to change! But its done.


Irunning_on_treadmill_400_clr_1968 was thinking about what to do with the gym as it is £34 a month, and to see what I can do to minimise that. There is somewhere more local and its £18 a month, so a switch could be on the cards. I might go and try a free session first to get it out of the way to see what it is like. Opens early in the morning and through to 9pm so its not too bad. I shall reflect a little first before I make the final decision.


lp_record_label_custom_16174I am on top of my bed as I write this (you didn’t need to know that really but it adds context!) and spotify is currently offering up : Radical Reinterpretations which is awesome, lots of good stuff played differently. I am listening to No One which i think is by the Keys lady played by the Vitamin string quartet.


Ands thats your lot I think, its bed time from me and an early start, so wish me luck.



The last leg….

Happy new year and the lag coefficient…

Hi All,

I’ve been trying to write this post for ages, but I keep getting distracted.  I blame the Gin…


I read a piece about the best gin, and apparently it is Mango and black pepper. So its new year, so why not try it – so I did. The mango was great it seemed to make the drink smoother. Round 2 included the black pepper, and in fairness that didn’t work for me. I’ve gone back to type now, and its Gin, Tonic with Lemon and Lime.

As its new year, I shall move to something different soon, but I don’t know what.


blog_mouse_pc_400_clr_2729 (1)

So I’ve been writing on and off for a year now, with much more activity early in the year, with it tappering off as I forgot to write, but it got better, later on. I find my self asking, why am I writing? In honesty not sure but it give me a chance to communicate to the outside world, with almost certain knowledge no one else see’s this which is great. I can whinge, moan, or bitch as needed. But in fairness, I don’t think I’ve been too bad this year. Outside of this blog, I also blog for the rugby team I follow and represent a whole stand. That picks up many random reads and followers.


Today’s post whilst retrospective at the start was meant to be a general wish of happy new year to you all, and this is may chance to say that.

Happy New Year and all the best to you and yours

Its temping to think about whats going to change and how will it be better, but i am sure we’ve all been there at times of making resolutions, perhaps its time, to think bigger.


This leads nicely on to the lag coefficient, which I think its about 4 – so let me explain. In the past I’ve made news years resolutions, be fitter, weigh less, go to Australia, buy a house… and invariably it doesn’t happen. Or not….. its become apparent I seem to work on a lag or delay, and I say will do it, but it takes a few years to catch up with me, so three or fours years ago? I  think that was find someone to love and get fitter not fatter. This year? I am not going on record, as it will be a surprise for a few years time.

Update, this was posted to facebook and sums it up well:



And where would we be without music….


And is now the tradition, there should be fireworks, so here goes….



A funny old week….

survivor_resting_on_buoy_300_clr_8546I think the phrase is thats its been a funny old week, but sadly anything but funny. Something, or a combination of things is annoying me and getting to me, and normally, i would let that build, and eventually work to resolve. But this time, stopped early , but not got to the root of my boggle.

This then has confused me, and my tiny mind as I am not sure what i need to fix, or who i need to fix. I am sure it will rumble on for a bit. New person and new plan for next week so will have to wait and see how that develops.

WP_20130916_006Tomorrow then see’s a trip to Tynemouth for beers and food. The usual crew, is somewhat weakened by sickness and other commitments, but looking forward to it. Might need an early night to survive.


Tonight is brought to you by Kebab, my sofa, and beer, free beer at that.



A Friday night at Kingston Park normally means one thing….. Rain

So premiership rugby returned to Kingston Park on Friday night and that can only mean one thing – it would rain, and indeed it did, for 3 hours solid. As a regular North stander (we’ve got roof, no toilets etc if you know the song)  I am used to putting up with whatever the weather throws at me.

I checked the forecast and it did in fairness look like a cold wet night, so I prepared as normal. Work clothes, extra layers, some water proofs, bases layers etc. I struggle with hats as they don’t tend to fit, and gloves, either too cold or too hot, or too thick so I cant drink (plastic glasses) and cant tweet.

During the summer at a visit to the Argos clearance shop I stumbled across these:


From the golf range, so water proof, warm enough not too bulky, so I bought a pair (helped by the fact £7)

Last night I tried them out, and the verdict?




I just dont get mittens, there are many problems…

  • Good luck scratching your nose
  • Good luck trying to tweet
  • Good luck picking up your pint
  • Good luck picking up anything
  • Good luck eating
  • Just good luck

I did manage to open a bottle of coke, but when closing it I trapped the mitten in the lid so atleast i didnt have to carry the bottle.  Despite Mrs Rolf telling me mittens are awesome they are not.

The only thing that could have less appropriate would have been these…


I might try that for the next game……





In the unlikely event of a fire alarm…..

storm_siren_anim_150_clr_14860Well it had to happen sooner or later, but as part of the recruitment pre-amble we have a line around ” in the unlikely event of a fire alarm we will ensure you leave the building or if you are being interviewed the interviewer will take care of you” At no point did I ever think we would need it, but today we did.

I can only hope the people enjoyed their five minutes fresh air!