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The return of the local bank…

I received a cold call from the bank that liked to say yes, but now is the return of the local bank. Normally, i wouldn’t bother, and would generally decline what ever the great sales opportunity is…but on holiday and sorting stuff out, i thought it might not hurt to see what they had to say. Just back from a surprisingly positive catchup- and it appears i can reduce the price of the mortgage and gain some cashback! No fees or charges, so it seems a no brainer. I going to crunch the numbers and see how I get on….

I will let you know.




Sleepy…..on holiday but I still woke up for work. Argggh

Its been one of those days already, with an early start even though no alarm was set. Normally, ┬áthe alarm wakes me at 7 and I fall out of bed by 730…. But today, holiday! No need to be awake so the alarm was set firmly to off. Did it make a difference? In a word no. I woke up at 7 and have struggled since.

Its not so much a busy day, but i’ve got things to do, BIngo to win, pints to drink…..

It could be a long day….


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