Day 2 back at work complete, tired really, really tired….

So the holiday feels like a distant memory now with two whole days back in the office. We’ve been helping out by speaking to customers to smooth the load as its been busy for this month end. Its nice to be back at the coal face so to speak to check that knowledge is uptodate and that customers are asking similar questions Continue reading

And the holiday comes to an end, and its back to work we go…

So that’s the last week of holiday of the year done, back once again to the daily grind. We’re still in a process of change as the work function evolves, but its a shame, that business needs mean that we wont get to do all the bits we wanted to do, but I cant control that.

A busy night  last night as it was a monthly ceroc dance night, which was hot and tiring, an 8 pm start and 00:30 end! more than a few aches and pains today.

Getting back on theme, i leave you with this:


The return of the local bank…

I received a cold call from the bank that liked to say yes, but now is the return of the local bank. Normally, i wouldn’t bother, and would generally decline what ever the great sales opportunity is…but on holiday and sorting stuff out, i thought it might not hurt to see what they had to say. Just back from a surprisingly positive catchup- and it appears i can reduce the price of the mortgage and gain some cashback! No fees or charges, so it seems a no brainer. I going to crunch the numbers and see how I get on….

I will let you know.