into the weekend…

So Friday was urban food fest, lots of stalls with different foods. For me went for american hot dog, then hagis toastie. The next course, don’t judge me, was a burrito., it then went a little wrong, deep fried Mars bars. Yuck and don’t.


Today, new glasses collected, the world looks different.


Christmas shopping 3/4 done.


And bed now.

long day, long night, and sleep

My word its been a long day, which started with the sniffles, I suspect its a precursor to man flu but hey ho. I’ve taken some VIT C energy drink and that just turns my pee a funny colour, but hey ho. A long patchy morning and an equally longer afternoon meeting didnt raise the mood any either. From this didnt want to, but i did attend the gym. Now everything hurts.

Night all



Twice as blind as last year, and the problems of asking a question…

My eyes have been playing up for a while, I’ve been finding it more difficult to focus on stuff, and if i stop concentrating stuff just softens and gains an artistic soft focus. Its been bothering me for a short while, and i think been made more noticeable with a move to a new office, different lightening and even more computer work to do. Continue reading

Day 2 back at work complete, tired really, really tired….

So the holiday feels like a distant memory now with two whole days back in the office. We’ve been helping out by speaking to customers to smooth the load as its been busy for this month end. Its nice to be back at the coal face so to speak to check that knowledge is uptodate and that customers are asking similar questions Continue reading

And the holiday comes to an end, and its back to work we go…

So that’s the last week of holiday of the year done, back once again to the daily grind. We’re still in a process of change as the work function evolves, but its a shame, that business needs mean that we wont get to do all the bits we wanted to do, but I cant control that.

A busy night  last night as it was a monthly ceroc dance night, which was hot and tiring, an 8 pm start and 00:30 end! more than a few aches and pains today.

Getting back on theme, i leave you with this: