The return of the local bank…

I received a cold call from the bank that liked to say yes, but now is the return of the local bank. Normally, i wouldn’t bother, and would generally decline what ever the great sales opportunity is…but on holiday and sorting stuff out, i thought it might not hurt to see what they had to say. Just back from a surprisingly positive catchup- and it appears i can reduce the price of the mortgage and gain some cashback! No fees or charges, so it seems a no brainer. I going to crunch the numbers and see how I get on….

I will let you know.



Best made plans and the Shields Ferry…

So holiday Mk2 started with bingo in south shields, not to be repeated, then drinks in south shields before moving north via the ferry. That all worked out well and during my round, i managed 3 pints for £5.80. We worked our way up to the Tynemouth and drank out way around the village. Then as time get on, time to get back to the ferry. A long walk, at pace, and we got there to find it closed. Who would have thought last ferry at 6. A long walk uphill to north shields metro for a long, long metro ride back to my home town and then a 20 minute walk.


Tired now, back on the sofa, and now nearly time for bed. The day was good fun, but appointment at the bank for the morning…


Sleepy…..on holiday but I still woke up for work. Argggh

Its been one of those days already, with an early start even though no alarm was set. Normally,  the alarm wakes me at 7 and I fall out of bed by 730…. But today, holiday! No need to be awake so the alarm was set firmly to off. Did it make a difference? In a word no. I woke up at 7 and have struggled since.

Its not so much a busy day, but i’ve got things to do, BIngo to win, pints to drink…..

It could be a long day….