Thank crunchy its….

Nearly the weekend and the end of another week. I won’t lie, its not been an easy one…..

I’ve decided to write things down again, so thats a good thing…. I decided to spend less which is a good thing (but feels bad!) and its amazing to think how much money was just leaking away when I had no idea what I was doing. So, all spending is now on the Monzo card, so in app totals and logos so at a glance I can see how bad it is… And its not great.

For the weekend? Well thats ok to be fair. Shortly (in the next 10 minutes) its a walk to the pub for a drink which should be fine. Tomorrow is hair cut, tidy up etc, then parents out to lunch/tea. Then off to the americans for a sleep over (I hope) and then the rugby…..

I need to sleep…. life is always better after sleep. Fact.

Message ends.


New month – New Me?

I guess been here before, things slide, get hurt and things don’t work… so the cycle goes around and gets worse. As such, I’ve drawn a line….







So then plan now is to be better behaved and to spend less. Its about money saving first then its about walking, then its foot fixing and lastly getting back to the gym maybe….


I still find writing this stuff down helps, so will try to do more of it!