Twice in one month….

a sick man wiping his nose with tissue
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Indeed, 2 posts in one month, I am indeed spoiling you. Or then again not. I’ve got a cold, a stinking cold with a cough and runny nose, the works. But fear not dear reader, that is assuming someone is reading the guff… I am indeed getting better.

Unlike Travis(?) who thought the drugs don’t work, and they make you work, generic cold and flu have been great at getting me through the worst of it, and drying out the tap that my nose did indeed become. A few days out of work, will have caused a back log, but I hope to get back to that tomorrow.

I did, during my time away, reply to a few messages or those that needed to be replied to. Out side of that, its been sleep, drink , eat, sleep etc. Rinse and repeat. But it has worked…. I think.

Tomorrow will be the test of that and having looked at my stock image, I was never quite that bad- honest!

Just need to be careful not to push it too hard, as still a bit wheezy when walking but that will get better. I also need to stay hydrated too, but thats good general advise.

From my last post, I’ve kept with it, and withdrawn from those, who are just being negative, and being honest, I do think I am better for it. So I shall keep that up. One more big decision to come on that front, and them I am done, but will need to set my own agenda, as i will need to replace what I loose. That sounds cryptic, I get, but in due course dear reader (again assuming someone is still reading this!)

It also should be noted, its almost that time of the year too and its crept up on us. I’ve done some shopping but some more to do, I will get there, sooner or later. I am sure…..

Oh and something for Benji too.

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