A new week…

A new week…

So then welcome to another week of what now passes as normal. It’s been busy, and lots was achieved today which helps. I also made it out for a walk which is something, I’ve been promising my self to get sorted.

I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike

Queen Song Lyric (done from memory so apologies if wrong)

I’ve been thinking of a bike for a while, but it never quite worked out, but its done. I’ve applied via the works cycle scheme, so I just need to wait as it goes through the process. I suspect I wont be the only one and its quite a common purchase. From my work from home position, I’ve seen lots of cyclists go by. Not withstanding the lack of bike, I’ve also had issues get a helmet to go on my big head. Suggestions to me please….

Outside of this life plods on and we’ve been out in the garden attempting to kill off some of the weeds but thats a bigger work in progress. This isn’t being helped with a full green gardening bin, and no service to empty the dam thing.

Oh well.

Enough from me.



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