Your vote, your choice…

Your vote, your choice…

Well it’s been a rollercoaster of a ride, but where will it end?

Queuing to vote…

I would say its been a blast, but it hasn’t…. I would say its been honest, but it hasn’t…. I would say its been positive… but it hasnt….

Pretty sure you get the picture as the country heads into an election result, and certainly, as I write this, the forecast is way strong to one side than I expected.

My own guess was another hung parliament and lot’s more fighting… but if the forecast and exit polls are right, it then suggests an agenda, that doesn’t float my boat.

My yard stick as ever as was do your own research, make an informed decision, but vote. I followed my own guide, did research, checked where I sat and voted accordingly. I fear for the NHS, and my other half works there, and my parents certainly use it.

I also as part of my research read something that said from all the manifesto’s there was only one that would further increase child poverty over the next parliament. Whilst I’ve got no children, I can’t imagine a situation where I could support that…. Does this mean Brexit was infact bigger than real social issues and things that really hurt people.

Lot’s to think of, and I am not sure what tomorrow will bring.

Stay calm and carry on all…


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