Month: October 2018


At last… .there is a plan….

So at last, I’ve got a plan, when that’s a bit much to be fair… its more a physical goal. It’s cost a few quid, but then it’s a plan! And indeed its definitely something to aspire too


…. all the best goals are aspiration.  To be fair, mileage has increased, and swimming is on the up…. which is all good! Indeed , the plan is to depart here and then hit the pool!.

Enough from me for now




Read between the lines…

So yesterday, changes did happen, and I tried to amend some of the bad habbits. I went for a swim after work and put a bit of exercise through the body. The steam room was fun, if not for being obscenely warm.  But, it is a start none the less.

During the day, more water was had, and thats important as I suspect thats a big one, I’ve missed from being good. I also managed breakfast, the chrunchy nut cornflakes, in an attempt to cut the amount of breakfast crap.

Lunch is more of a challenge as not been ready to make and prep, so thats the next one. But with honesty in mind that’s next week at the earliest.

So, it feels a bit of a mixed bag and keeping the head above water, but its treading water. More foundation blocks to be bulit and deployed and then a step change.





Changes and the like…

So I did witter on about changes, and to be fair, I’ve got ideas now, and it’s coming together. Gutted the fridge etc, to remove bad things, had a blowout, and its back to healthier stuff and water….and I’ve missed the water. I need to sort out some water bottles, but I will get there. I’ve even got sosterilizinging tablets to fix those issues.

Need to up the levels of exercise etc, but that’s the new work in progress. Managed to walk the weekend at Wallington, so more miles than might have been.


It’s beginning to untangle!

Well the good news, is that some of my thoughts have started to untangle and I am beginning to make sense about some of the things,  I want to tackle. Now, it might feel like or sound like procrastination about “getting on with it” but if i’ve not worked it out, then any action is doomed to fail, as 1) you tackle an issue and not the root and 2) is it even the right issue.

I struggled with that last sentence and even the choice of words of problem v issue. Now, they are two distinctly seperate things as an issue may or may not be a problem. So I am going with issue for now.

May be dissatisfaction?

Anyway, work to do….

Catch you later



Pondering thoughts…

Hmmm, something have got to change, then becomes pondering thoughts, whilst you decide what or if to change. Now the decision is something has to ,

so thats easy then,  it gets more difficult to look for the what. I guess it depends on the scenario and what is going on, and indeed then what is the outcome!

And of course, that’s where I’ve come unstuck, I am usual ok at identifying an issue and then determining an plan of action as to what, when, where, who etc…. but I just can’t put a finger on it, or perhaps its locked away in a cupboard called denial. I’ve seen lots of old habits return and that’s disappointing if i am honest, and may be that’s what slowing me down.

Some more time, and idle thought is needed, as one thing I know is that I cant force it.



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