Day 2- and rest…


So day 2 is complete, and its a rest day. Lunch included a 2 miles walk so thats fine and dandy. Nothing extra tonight.

Food stayed on track…

breakfast was yoghurt, and malt loaf (mini)

snack was healthy kale crisps

Ham salad lunch

Curry pot noodle and an orange.

Reading that back, not a great tasting combo!



Day 1: In Review…

So then, changes

Food Exercise Drink Others?
breakfast drinking yoghurt 2 mile lunch walk 2.3 Water OK
Bagel 5 min treadmill 3 x Americano Left foot plantar
Grapes 3 x 5 x 25 seated row 1 x Skinny Late Compression
Malt Loaf Mini 500 meter rowing challenge 1 x tea
Ham Salad Swimming x 20
Pot Noodle 20 x Kettle Bell Swing x 12