Thank crunchy its….

Thank crunchy its….

Nearly the weekend and the end of another week. I won’t lie, its not been an easy one…..

I’ve decided to write things down again, so thats a good thing…. I decided to spend less which is a good thing (but feels bad!) and its amazing to think how much money was just leaking away when I had no idea what I was doing. So, all spending is now on the Monzo card, so in app totals and logos so at a glance I can see how bad it is… And its not great.

For the weekend? Well thats ok to be fair. Shortly (in the next 10 minutes) its a walk to the pub for a drink which should be fine. Tomorrow is hair cut, tidy up etc, then parents out to lunch/tea. Then off to the americans for a sleep over (I hope) and then the rugby…..

I need to sleep…. life is always better after sleep. Fact.

Message ends.


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