The Armstrong Tree

The Armstrong Tree

So arriving in Santa Rosa we met Larry at the welcome to California shop (sounds dull but well worth going to!) Lots of maps and leaflets provided along with a few recommendations.

First up was the Armstrong tree in the redwood forests and a national park. A couple of easy walking miles and we saw trees, trees and birds. Dave spent a while swearing at the blue jays as quote “stay f**king still” and “nearly got it”.

On the way back Korbel californian champagne was the order of the day. 4 free tastes and a few purchases later – Rose champagne and a full sparkling  red – came in at 26bucks. Awesome value, well worth a trip if you are in the area.

Best weston Garden Inn was the hotel, nice friendly place with heated pool! Uber got us down to Russian River Brewery where we ate and drank before  a late night to bed!

Good day! Off to yosemite now, cold and wet apparently…. wish us luck

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