The Armstrong Tree

So arriving in Santa Rosa we met Larry at the welcome to California shop (sounds dull but well worth going to!) Lots of maps and leaflets provided along with a few recommendations.

First up was the Armstrong tree in the redwood forests and a national park. A couple of easy walking miles and we saw trees, trees and birds. Dave spent a while swearing at the blue jays as quote “stay f**king still” and “nearly got it”.

On the way back Korbel californian champagne was the order of the day. 4 free tastes and a few purchases later – Rose champagne and a full sparkling  red – came in at 26bucks. Awesome value, well worth a trip if you are in the area.

Best weston Garden Inn was the hotel, nice friendly place with heated pool! Uber got us down to Russian River Brewery where we ate and drank before  a late night to bed!

Good day! Off to yosemite now, cold and wet apparently…. wish us luck

so then i left on a jet plane

and i can comfirm she didnt wear a flower in her hair…. thats right we’ve arrived in San Fransciso and the bay area.

A long days travelling saw us arrive in san fran and a few days at the hotel whitcomb which is best described as faded elegance, old would be another way of saving it 😉 but it was fine. Little room to swing a cat but acceptable. Having been awake 24 hours we had a little walk around just to get moving and check out the place and thats when it got a bit scetchy…..

Now i’d read reviews and it said mental health issues and homelessness was an issue, but jesus this was a whole new level of awkwardness.  To quote dave “america what are you doing”  its hard to see, and as a foreigner had to understand when you see people living out of a wheelchair, or a carrying a matress around. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve got issues in the UK but wow just wow.

So in short avoid the market street area and other parts of town. Indeed walking home on the last night, a young local was on her phone talking to some one to meet up and she said “walking towards you now just getting to the scetchy bit”

Lastly, mental health is no joking matter, and it was sad to see so many people in pain and needing help, but nothing, so back to dave  “what the f**k are you doing america.