Week in review

Week in review

So wow then, a busy week with no less than four blacksheep sessions to keep me on the straight and narrow! I’ve attacked the sessions with new vigour and a determination thats been missing for a while. I’ve stock to clean eating and living too, which has resulted in a massive calories deficit! Even a Saturday night in town, no drink – well a cup of tea! didn’t make that much of a dint…

foodWe went out to Shawarmma Fattoush in town (check it out here) and it was awesome like last time. We do though need to work on our food ordering quantities…. its never a great sign when you run out of table space.

By and large, all healthy, grilled meats and vegs with rice and humous as the main options.

For desert, it was off to the tea shop next to the uni for late night tea. Also a place worth going to. Check them out here

Enough from me now, bed… and gym tomorrow…



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