Random Ramblings Ahoy…

Random Ramblings Ahoy…

I realise its been a while since i really sat down and thought about what to write, and to be fair I am not sure I thought about it, words of just hitting the keyboard. Hopefully it may make sense, probably it wont and worst case will look like I am mashing the keyboard with my forehead again…… but hey ho…..

First ucustom_figure_pain_spot_15571p my and my knees. They’ve been sore for what seems like an age, but just plod on. However, I did myself a mischief with a fitness session and then touch rugby the same evening. It felt like a steam roller had hit me, and even walking became an issue. I know when i over extend, as the legs hit when even sitting still or worse still flat out in bed. Certainly looks like done a number this time. Stretching, rolling, tights… the whole tool kit applied. In the end, it was time to rest so a week of nothingness seems to have helped. Managed a blacksheep last night and made it to  minute 17 before the pain kicked in. Not bad given the time i’ve had away. There was one “ouch” made it out loud, and a couple of times, I felt sick not with the exercise, but with the pain. Last few burpees didnt happen as i changed to stretch and extend, but that didnt really work. But, given time out I am positive.


Its been a tough few weeks at work with the ever growing demands placed upon everyone. Thats it no more comments, allowed or needed. Social or not.


A lot of music has been played of late, and enjoyed some music before work, at lunch and beyond. its been a nice change. I even managed some Matt Munro post recruitment last week. Indeed, as i type now spotify is playing a classic pop play list at me… that doesnt look a great link but meh. Apparenlty i should trash the hotel and hit the mini bar. Sadly this week one of the panasonic wifi speakers died and needs repairing, but its proving to be harder than is necessary! need to find a local repairer to do it and awaiting an email from them.


Easter SuCbz_A9yW0AArVG9nday see’s us back at the Falcons for another round of the Avivia Premiership. Its just a shame to see its Mr Goodes last game, its been fun and certainly he has helped. He is also a reminder to people, that sporting excellence can come in all shapes and sizes! Perhaps the image there isnt the most appealing, but was amusing. I guess Barbour also liked the exposure!

Some interesting signings seems to be coming up for the future, and it seems like the Falcons coould be the home of players at end of careers seeing out the last years, and you know what I am cool with that….might be short of a yard of pace but if the skill is there…..


Enough from me for now….



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