Car tyres…

Car tyres…

mechanic_tire_tools_400_clr_4824Right then, left work late so missed a gym session. Rather than go home and sit on the sofa and do nothing, I thought lets sort out that slow puncture….

Off I went to local friendly shopping warehouse to go spec it out. Branded tires all michellin but others to order. A helpful man took the size 185 55 r15 of he went and a little over £60 branded tire, fitted, valve, balance and some nitrogen. Seems ok and will do me. Just before I pay he decides to check the speed rating…. or the what now…..

Apparently the manufacturer specifies mine needs to be a V so we’ve got a problem, all they have is an H, so no go.

Tyre Speed Rating Table

Speed Rating Mile/Hour Kilometers/Hour Speed Rating Miles/Hour Kilometers/Hour
N 87 140 U 124 200
P 93 150 H 130 210
Q 99 160 V 149 240
R 106 170 Z 150+ 240+
S 112 180 W 168 270
T 118 190 Y 186 300

Check out the handy table above…. V or 149 miles per hour….. rather than an H 130…..

At this point dear reader, let me explain the vehicle I drive, Its a 1.4 Mazda 2 diesel – I go no where quickly ever. Fact.

I dont even think the speedo goes up to 149 miles per hour, going by how noisy the thing is at 60 I would go deaf even trying!

Short version no new tyres for me car.

Longer version Michellin dont do my size in a V, so it needs to be a special order so need to wait for a quote for some bridgestones.



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