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Pushing on through…

Pushing on through…


Not quite to thpushing_up_arrow_300_clr_13228e other side, but through the pain, through the barrier, and through to the otherside. This exercise program has been tough, really tough. Thats probably not

a surprise, but I’ve pushed on. Up the kettle bell, up the slam weight, up the power bag, indeed just up. A few reasons, I am being pushed on by @jinkystevens and jo – for that there is a thanks due I think.



However, there is a little annoyance at points, and I must conquer the rowing machine – I stroke more, but go less and its got to be technique or strength. Either way I am on it. And I probably need to swear less at chris!

In time I am sure it will get better.

It will….


New for this time around is keeping a diary of “what I did” and “how I felt”. It makes for interesting reading so far. It also shows the patterns and trends in the exercises so far.

Right enough for now, little update for which I apologise, I should be better at this. Early start tomorrow, 6:15 session (am) so help me….




Exercise Fitness Academy Posts FrontPage Homelife
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