Pushing on through…


Not quite to thpushing_up_arrow_300_clr_13228e other side, but through the pain, through the barrier, and through to the otherside. This exercise program has been tough, really tough. Thats probably not

a surprise, but I’ve pushed on. Up the kettle bell, up the slam weight, up the power bag, indeed just up. A few reasons, I am being pushed on by @jinkystevens and jo – for that there is a thanks due I think.



However, there is a little annoyance at points, and I must conquer the rowing machine – I stroke more, but go less and its got to be technique or strength. Either way I am on it. And I probably need to swear less at chris!

In time I am sure it will get better.

It will….


New for this time around is keeping a diary of “what I did” and “how I felt”. It makes for interesting reading so far. It also shows the patterns and trends in the exercises so far.

Right enough for now, little update for which I apologise, I should be better at this. Early start tomorrow, 6:15 session (am) so help me….




Ahh the 4th…

Hi All,

Well the 4th means many things:

  1. Back to work
  2. Back to the fitness academy
  3. Traffic
  4. The tunnel
  5. Seeing who left us under restructing

Back to work is easy enough, apart from lack of structure and sleep over the past 2 weeks. Add to tht i am writing this at 1130pm, signs dont look good….

A new six week fitness program is in play along with new food plan. Tomorrow is egg day, meh and yuck!