Its been a while…

Its been a while…

So I suppose I should really put some effort in…

A cold for 4 and a bit weeks now is taking its toll, and whilst modern medicine is good, it seems almost ineffective against the common garden cold

So there was your headline, through out December I’ve had a cold, a runny nose and cough just the usual kind of winter thing. Its never been awful but by the same token its never been great. Because of this I’ve consumed lots of cold and flu tablets and taken my fair share of cough medicine but with minimal results. I’ve stood up, I’ve laid on the sofa and even tried staying in bed but all thats doing is making me sore from being horizontal and not vertical – no win!

As I sit here typing poor posture has upset the back and side, so from tomorrow will need to start some light exercise and start getting out for fresh air! It’s amazing how different you can feel from a few days bad posture.  At work I generally sit well and am careful which is probably why its hurting more now.

Sleep hasn’t been a barrel of laughs either, with lots of short naps about all I am managing. Too much coughing waking one self up etc etc.

Right then doom and gloom over, other things for December, a few meals out and playing of battle laser tag thingy with a group of friends. Prep for christmas which is now been and gone. Getting ready for new year which will be upon us in no time.  A restaurant is booked for food post falcons game so that will make a nice change.

I’ve started for travel for next year. A trip to singapore is 1/3 done, USA should be done early Janaury so thats not too bad.

Actually sitting concentrating and writing this out is having the desired effect and I feel tired. perhaps bed is calling….




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