Happy New Year…

Happy New Year…


Another low key year end as it now the norm as I’m not really a fan of new year. Whilst there is a certain charm in the move from one year to the next and the chance to say its done, get behind me….And then welcome in a new year full of opportunities for the new year.

As such its tempting to think resolution and what will change, but I think I will give it a rest. I suffer from a well known Year – 5 lag on this kind of thing… buy a house, get fit etc…. Well at least the fitness is being worked on if not for the current cold situation.

What will be new for the year is preplanned holidays waiting to be booked! or in some cases are part booked! Exciting times.

New year is also a time to look back and remember those not with us and its been a troublesome year. Indeed, at this point thoughts to Eddy in hospital – take it easy uncle.



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