And the weekend is over…

And the weekend is over…

ambulance_front_400_wht_17356Wow its been a tough one. The weekend started ok, some exercise and out for a victory meal. A trip to a random turkish meal was a great idea and some really tasty food. The plan was a few drinks afterwards, but unfortunately, a small hiccup. I got a call to say my mother was unwell but nothing to worry about the usual parental call. But as time went by I got a few more, so after 2 pints headed home to see what was going on.

It appears that been unwell for a couple of days, (mistake one, despite calling them nothing mentioned!) and had gotten progressively worse. From this by the time i got there, a level of confusion and an inability to make decisions was apparent. Having sought advice from 111 AE was the plan, and we cancelled the ambulance that was arranged an we were to go on our own. Fun(!) started here as the inability to make a decision casued problems as “there is nothing wrong” and “I am not going” was the call of the day.

At an opportune moment, a toilet break, I will be honest, I picked her up and bundled her into the car. A few choice words and an offer of kicking me was the reward. Long story short now, 6 hours in A&E lead to an admission and an overnight stay.

As it stands now, getting better with the right drugs, so hopefully things will get better. I need to sleep.

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