And I would walk…..

And I would walk…..


As part of this weeks holiday I thought I would make an effort to get out and walk more which is great but….. As part of ongoing issues with the knees and feet my word is it hurting this morning. I do also wonder if its something to do with footwear so will try something different today. ┬áNot setting out with a route in mind, (well yesterday had to go to bank) and its just where I end up.

As part of yesterdays work I ended up in the park at Jarrow whichs sadly isnt looking its best as cutbacks to budgets are more apparent. Don’t get me wrong, in the whole it was ok, but just not as good as I’ve seen our parks before. I like the idea of medow land and random planting, but this still needs some kind of order.



As part of walking around I must admin to being a little on the antisocial side as I’ve been playing music to my self. The joy of spotify is that you are never quite sure where you are going to end up next. Searching on the word “walking” provided a couple of different playlists to keep me going. A Sont bluetooth gadget means wirefree to head phones so phone is in my bag and its an easy walk.

Yesteday, this was a chunk of my playlist, some of it, for example track 4 I am guessing probably pressed the fast forward button!

(Hmm formatting of this post has just gone a little mad, hope it publishes ok….


So then onto today…..

Another late start! and washing is in the machine. Bacon and spinach for lunch (crispy bacon as I left it in the optigrill too long). Getting ready to walk, and the plan is to head out towards Hebburn park.

Todays music choice is undecided, as again will let spotify guide me. Setting off soon but a small delay whilst camera gets a quick charge.

As I am holiday…. some times it feels so good:

Right enough from me for the moment…..




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