As part of today’s walk… Afternoon Tea

Hi All,

A quiet day today (well not really) saw me shopping with the nephew as part of last years xmas present, before going out for an hour with the parents. As ever I didn’t tell them the plan, but parked in Gateshead and walked down the the Hilton, through which they just followed me blindly.


The image above is the view from the balcony of the Hilton Gateshead where we partook in the afternoon tea. The parents had the usual fair, but with the addition of champagne. I had the healthy choice. Not so much afternoon tea, as fruit and veg…



Not all bad, and to be fair I enjoyed it with Green Tea and a glass of water!


Taking stock, planning and moving on…

Now the the title sounds grander than the post may actually suggest, but sometimes in writing its hard to sound even more dull than I am or the mundaneness of what I am about to post, but hey. As its some time out of work, I am completing as rearrangement of some finance work I did before I went on my holidays.  Thankfully my holiday was paid for from a sharesave and money I had in the bank so no need for any debt.

scissors_clipping_credit_card_400_clr_2292However, as I was checking through where I was at, I “rediscovered” the amount of plastic I had sitting in a wallet, in a drawer, just around the house. In the main they all had zero balances are small (and I mean tiny) balances. As such I’ve been making an effort to clear down and more importantly closing down accounts. For some easy I had all details for others, didnt have the card in question which makes it difficult.

As part of my review, I’ve been going through APR’s to see whats cheap and expensive. My go to card is a Barclaycard at 6.9% which isnt too bad in fairness. I’ve just closed a Tesco @12.9% as they wouldnt move me to the 7% card and I need to leave, wait 6 months and reapply…. A Natwest at 20+ has gone and a MBNA is almost gone (but its currently 0%)  In terms of revolving credit through cards, there was scope for 30k+ of debt, thank god I am not completely mental.

Fair to say though not just about the APR rate I’ve kept a nationwide highish % as its a fee free no load european card so worth having if abroad.


walk_toward_bank_400_clr_14822Next up is the biannual trip to the bank as the mortgage is about to drop off its 2 year fixed deal and interest rate would revert to base. Now that’s not great in the current state of play so I need to go back and revisit. In all fairness last time, no issue, I went with all the details which confused the lady and we had an offer done in less than 20 minutes and it all concluded in a month or so. There was also an incentive cashback payment last time. I wonder what they will offer this time?

A quick look suggests on a 2 year jobbie:

Borrowing between 60% and 75% of your home’s value
No product or mortgage account fee. 2.09% fixed until 31 October 2017 Homeowner Variable Rate, currently 3.99% £0 3.8% APR For loans between £0 and £149,999.

Or 5 years:

Borrowing between 65% and 75% of your home’s value
No product or mortgage account fee. 2.89% fixed until 31 October 2020 Homeowner Variable Rate, currently 3.99% £0 3.7% APR For loans between £0 and £149,999.

Decisions….. but not until next week…. or even looking further afield….


Music in adverts…

Often you hear something and it strikes a cord, or you feel like you’ve heard it before….. An advert for an online game is playing a big orchestral piece… and I like it…

And care of wiki…..


Thomas J. Bergersen

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Thomas J. Bergersen
Thomas Bergersen Profile Pic.jpg
Background information
Birth name Thomas Jacob Bergersen
Born July 4, 1980 (age 35)
Origin Trondheim, Norway
Genres Trailer music, Neo Orchestral, Epic
Occupation(s) Composer
Instruments Piano, Keyboard, Trumpet, Violin,Guitar, Duduk
Years active 2003 – present
Associated acts Nick Phoenix, Merethe Soltvedt

Thomas Jacob Bergersen (born July 4, 1980) is a Norwegian composer, multi-instrumentalist, and the co-founder of the production music company Two Steps From Hell. He is best known for writing music for high-profile theatrical trailers.

Bergersen started his musical career as a demoscener, writing tracked modules under the name Lioz in the group Index.[1][2][3] The release of a 2007 trance-genre single titled “Remember September” saw Bergersen team with fellow Norwegian artist Boom Jinx.[4]

In May 2010, Bergersen and his business partner, Nick Phoenix, released a debut public Two Steps From Hell album titled Invincible, featuring some of their most popular tracks, including “Freedom Fighters”, “Moving Mountains”, “Heart of Courage”, and others.[5] Several additional commercial album releases have since followed, including Archangel and SkyWorld.[6] Bergersen also performed in a 2013 live concert at the Walt Disney Concert Hall alongside Phoenix, confirming at least one future concert planned for Europe,[7] intending to begin touring at some point in 2015.[8]

In 2010 Bergersen composed the original music for the movie The Human Experience. The Soundtrack CD was released on March 29, 2011.[9]

2011 saw the release of a solo-produced soundtrack from Thomas Bergersen, titled Illusions.[10] His second solo public album called Sun was released in September 2014.[11] He has also released several commercial singles since 2011, including “Heart” and “The Hero in Your Heart,” which were intended to provide disaster relief in the wake of the Tōhoku earthquake and Typhoon Haiyan, respectively.[12][13]

A concert featuring Bergersen’s music alongside that of Hans Zimmer took place in Romania on the 28th of June 2014.[14]


For full discography, see Thomas Bergersen discography


Two Steps from Hell[edit]

Demonstration albums[edit]

  • Volume One (2006) [First album, featuring various genres]
  • Shadows and Nightmares (2006) [Horror genre album]
  • Dynasty (2007) [Epic genre album]
  • All Drums Go to Hell (2007) [Heavily percussion-oriented album]
  • Nemesis (2007) [Epic genre album mostly composed by Thomas Bergersen]
  • Pathogen (2007) [Electro-metal album largely composed by Nick Phoenix]
  • Dreams & Imaginations (2008) [New Age album]
  • Legend (2008) [Epic genre album, with some tracks composed by Troels Folmann]
  • Ashes (2008) [Horror genre album]
  • The Devil Wears Nada (2009) [Mostly light and humorous album]
  • Power of Darkness (2010) [Epic genre album]
  • All Drones Go to Hell (2010)[15] [Also known as Mystical Beginnings;[16] New Age album]
  • Illumina (2010)[15] [New Age album]
  • Balls to the Wall (2011) [Percussion album, with some tracks composed by Alex Pfeffer]
  • Nero (2011) [Epic genre album, with some tracks composed by Alex Pfeffer]
  • Two Steps from Heaven (2012) [Pet project of Thomas Bergersen, featuring inspiring, emotional, and adventurous music]
  • Burn (2012) [A small collection of 8 dubstep remixed tracks][17]
  • Cyanide (2013) [Percussion and electro-metal album]
  • Crime Lab (2013) [Industrial electronica album][18]
  • Open Conspiracy (2014) [Epic Hybrid album also featuring Hitesh Ceon and Nick Pittsinger, as well as Nick Phoenix][19]
  • Quarantine (2014) [Sci-fi Electronica album][20]
  • Amaria (2014) {New Age/Epic drama album composed by Thomas Bergersen}[21]

Public albums[edit]

  • Invincible (2010) [Compilation of some of the most popular Two Steps From Hell tracks]
  • Archangel (2011) [Compilation of more of the most popular Two Steps From Hell tracks]
  • Demon’s Dance (2012) [Compilation of tracks previously unreleased to the public, available only on the Two Steps From Hell application for iOS and Android]
  • Halloween (2012)[22] [Compilation of well-known horror tracks from several demonstration albums, with several other-genre tracks as well]
  • SkyWorld (2012)[23] [First public album featuring almost entirely new music]
  • Classics Volume One (2013)[24] [Compilation of previously unreleased tracks. First public album available in lossless audio]
  • Miracles (2014) [An epic drama/emotional album with the best of Illumina, Dreams & Imaginations, Two Steps From Heaven, and a few new tracks]
  • Colin Frake on Fire Mountain (July 2014) [Soundtrack for a Nick Phoenix-penned e-book. Features additional music by Nick Phoenix][25]
  • Battlecry (2015) [“Ultra epic” follow-up to SkyWorld and the first public album to be released on two discs.][26][27]
  • Classics Volume Two (2015) [Compilation of new and previously unreleased tracks.]

Commercial Singles[edit]

Commercially available songs that are not on any album or were released as preview tracks.

  • Remember September (2007) [A trance-genre single released with Norwegian EDM artist Boom Jinx.[28] Later reworked for the Two Steps from Hell track “Forgotten September”]
  • A Place in Heaven (2011) [Pre-release single from the Illusions album. Vocals performed by Jenifer Thigpen.]
  • Ocean Princess (2011) [Pre-release single from the Illusions album. Vocals performed by Merethe Soltvedt.]
  • Starvation (2011) [Pre-release single from the Illusions album.]
  • Promise (2011) [Pre-release single from the Illusions album. Features cello performed by Tino Guo and vocals performed by Merethe Soltvedt.][29]
  • Heart (2011) [Originally a single made to raise money to help the victims Tōhoku earthquake. Later included on the Two Steps From Heaven album][30]
  • The Hero in Your Heart (2013) [A single made to raise money to help the victims of the Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. Lyrics written and performed by Merethe Soltvedt][31]
  • That’s A Wrap (2014) [A dark, adventurous orchestral ten-minute song created entirely with Thomas’s proprietary sample library][32]
  • Autumn Love (2014) [An emotional, piano-driven track in a similar style to Dreams and Imaginations][33]
  • Into Darkness (2014) [A nine-minute mix of neo-orchestral and EDM club style. Lyrics performed by Thomas Bergersen][34]
  • Stay (2014) [A pop-themed pre-release single from the Miracles album. Lyrics written and performed by Merethe Soltvedt]
  • Miracles (2014) [A second pre-release single from the Miracles album.][35]
  • Empire of Angels (2014) [First pre-release track made available from the Sun album.] [36]
  • Final Frontier (2014) [Second pre-release track made available from the Sun album.] [37]
  • Starchild (2014) [Third pre-release track made available from the Sun album.] [38]
  • Children of the Sun (2015) [Original vocal version of “None Shall Live” from the Battlecry album. Lyrics performed by Merethe Soltvedt.][39]

Standalone Tracks[edit]

Songs that are not on any album or were initially released as preview tracks via Facebook.

  • In Your Arms (2010) [Unreleased song featuring Merethe Soltvedt.]
  • Tower of Mischief (2011) [Intended as a preview track for the Two Steps From Heaven album, but ultimately released on Nero.][40]
  • My Freedom (2011) [A track originally considered for release on Illusions. Later included on the Nero album. Lyrics performed by Merethe Soltvedt. Has since been released to the public on the album Miracles][41]
  • Benedictus (2011) [Originally intended for release on Sun. Later included on the Two Steps From Heaven album][42]
  • Where Are You (2011) [Pop-trance with a unique style. Lyrics performed by Thomas Bergersen][43]
  • My Soul, Not Yours (2012) [Experimental dubstep track. Later included on the Burn album as “Not Your Soul”][44]
  • Hymn to Life (2012) [A track released on the occasion of Thomas’s birthday. Later performed in a Czech concert as “Hymnus Vitae Dedicatus”][45][46]
  • Sun (2013) [Preview track from the upcoming Sun album][47]
  • Cry (2013) [Preview track from the upcoming Sun album][48]
  • Colin and Petunia (2014) [Preview track for the Colin Frake on Fire Mountain album. Retitled “Colin Frake” for its album release][49]

See also[edit]

For more orchestral bands related to Thomas J. Bergersen, see the Trailer music article.