Month: August 2015


Writing, just writing it down..

stick_figure_write_with_pen_300_wht_6701So then apparently I’ve been writing stuff down since September 2013…there may well have been some slack times as i didnt write, but other times, I’ve written about all sorts. There’s been lightheared moments, the odd moments of ranting, other times just writing it down helps me work through what ever my mind is working on.

From time to time, I look at the stats and the blog picks up some traffic from around the world. I get its not about what I am writing, I suspect in the main its people nicking the graphics that I actually pay for! But hey, thanks for calling by….



The fight…

It does continue, but I ‘ve moved forward a little, so that its only running like half a tap, the colourful lumps are less frequent, and feel generally better.flu

Climbing the stairs is still ore trouble that its worth, but it does feel like things are improving slowly.
I had planned kickboxercise tomorrow but that is up for review.

Take it easy ou there..


Another day in review…

As part of the holidays there was a lot ¬†I could’a , should’a and would’a done but haven’t. In fact its easy to be honest and say lazy, lazy lazy.

I carrgardener_hoeing_400_clr_5088ied a job over from yesterday which was a spot of gardening, nothing flash just a bit of a tidy up. The hedge does look better for it. I attacked some of the bigger weeds and popped then in the garden waste bin! Phew job done.

I also so an amount of ants, which in fairness have been there for a long time, but they’ve done some damage to the block paving so need some tatic to deal with that I think.

And that was the domestic part of the day done.




Next up was a personal one…. well haircut which sadly is monthly, but i fear wont be for much longer. Oh dear….

hair_stylist_scissors_comb_400_wht_7626Also as you get older you can look forward to questions such as:

Would you like your eyebrows done

or worse still

Attack of the ear hair!


jumping_jacks_300_wht_11849Last up for today was gym night, and hard work as ever. We did some of what the picture should be showing you!









And thats it for now, visiting friends tomorrow, so catch you all laters….


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