And There Is Something I Need To Do Today…



And that is decide upon a goal……..


The  previous plan was to be fitter and healthier for my holiday and that now seems like a distant memory. So what is the goal to be for this 6 weeks…. (and we are already a week down!) I suspect being on holiday has slowed me down here, but I can live with that!


The main goal needs some thoughts but along the way:

  • Time to nail the burpee
  • Improve skipping efficiency
  • Continue with the 20kg kettle
  • Move up the press up difficulty

And that’s my starter……

Yesterday & Today……

So thstick_figure_crushed_by_weights_400_wht_13349en yesterdays session was both busy and tough. Swing when you are winning had a whole lot of kettle bells. When I think back to the start it was a different kettle (!) of fish with a light weight making no sense. As I’ve moved through the program its gotten easier (and sometimes harder) as there is a different action or perhaps even a greater weight being used.  Yesterday was also a partner work out so the need to share a kettle bell. What do you do? Settle of the lighter weight of the two or step up? Sometimes a gentle push is needed, and for this @jinkstevens suggested the need to man up a bit , so up to the 20 kg it was then.

So this was the largest weight ever, and for a longer period! its fair to say today is a sore day so a bit more warm up was needed for today’s session.





Today was kickboxercise (I am never sure if thats one whole word or not, but its not the most important thing to consider!) I do like this session as its a bit of fun. Its not so much the bouncing around you might imagine, there is more technique considered along with the rep’s involved. I did panic when the class was about to begin with just me there, as I really thought it was a bout to turn into personal training with Mark Beckham which wouldn’t be easy. At the last minute I was saved when Stu arrived. Well I say saved but its fair to say Stu is certainly an athlete with a kick to match! He also pushes me hard and motivates along as I tire.  Today’s finisher was a toughie too with battle ropes and slams.

You may recall I said I was sore from yesterday, I await tomorrow with interest!


So thanks for reading this far, as the the sun is shining, how about a summer song to end the post……