Sunday Sunday, its too early you know…

Sunday Sunday, its too early you know…

coffee_break_swirl_400_clr_12847Morning, an early start for no great reason meant that I was out and about for breakfast. I decided on a whim, off to the Toby for the breakfast buffet, so indulged in cooked stuff and toast. ¬†You might think that’s wholly unsuitable for the plan, but meh is my answer. I always said from the start I would do it, but I am not being a slave to it, or the scales for that matter. Now that might sound like giving up but its not.

Current progress? no idea, but I am following the principles and making it a liveable choice – slowly off slowly on?? It seems the way forward. Additionally free drinks from work on Friday also meant “takeway” style dinner for lunch. I am not beating oneself up over this and last night, no celebration but instead, quorn, and steamed veg was a change.

Today is tidying up or what I should be doing, but a little motivation is required I think, but its next on the things todo….

On that bombshell, offski




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