Sunday Sunday, its too early you know…

coffee_break_swirl_400_clr_12847Morning, an early start for no great reason meant that I was out and about for breakfast. I decided on a whim, off to the Toby for the breakfast buffet, so indulged in cooked stuff and toast.  You might think that’s wholly unsuitable for the plan, but meh is my answer. I always said from the start I would do it, but I am not being a slave to it, or the scales for that matter. Now that might sound like giving up but its not.

Current progress? no idea, but I am following the principles and making it a liveable choice – slowly off slowly on?? It seems the way forward. Additionally free drinks from work on Friday also meant “takeway” style dinner for lunch. I am not beating oneself up over this and last night, no celebration but instead, quorn, and steamed veg was a change.

Today is tidying up or what I should be doing, but a little motivation is required I think, but its next on the things todo….

On that bombshell, offski





tv_fuzz_PA_500_clr_3860Now I don’t normally bother with much of the TV coming out of the USA with its strange season breaks and then getting canned mid run makes for a poor effort. I got burned with Flash Forward which I thought was really good, but sadly, canned and a random ending allowing for a come back.

However, that said, and despite being behind the times, I’ve been watching care of Netflix, Chuck.

Chuck (2007) Poster

Chuck (2007–2012)

TV Series  |   |  Action, Comedy, Drama
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Ratings: 8.3/10 from 98,716 users
Reviews: 304 user | 52 critic

When a twenty-something computer geek inadvertently downloads critical government secrets into his brain, CIA and NSA assign two agents to protect him and exploit such knowledge, turning his life upside down.

Although, last season now, at its by far the weakest, and many of the plots are fairly transparent!


And Relax its the weekend, and some time off…

SAM_0193Hi All,

A busy day yesterday walking around the park, playing on the train and then football. Well we say football but its surprisingly hard with a penny floater (now available for just 89p). A little disaster with the non-flying frisby where the only lesson was should have spent more than 49p on that particular item.

The highlight for Paddy and his little one was no doubt the train ride…. which is a little gauge train that runs around the park. £1.20 for the round trip but good fun none the less.  So much fun, infact he went around twice, his little one wanted too….. but I do suspect he enjoys it a little too much too….

A walk around the park and then onto the sea front for what can be described as a brisk and somewhat breezy walk got us ready for lunch at colmans fine Fish and Chips. This was walked off with a trip to the park and a game of air hockey on possibly the worlds worst table!

Shopping on the way home and done, back in time for the Eurocup rugby final.

Today – day of rest, too tired from the day before!