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Fitness Academy – Cycle 2 and work…

Fitness Academy – Cycle 2 and work…


bsWell the calm before the storm, the night before, its that time again…… Fitness academy starts again tomorrow. It feels a little strange as to some extent I already know what is about to happen, and what to look forward to, and then again what not to look forward too…. But on balance, I must have liked it enough to do it all again.

Incidentally, I did some tidying today and went through one of the wardrobes in prep for my summer holiday, and it was great to find shirts that now fit and can be worn on holiday, so perhaps a new wardrobe wont be needed – being a hoarder has helped! 😉

Tofitnesstestmorrow morning (615-700) will be gym time and that means starting off with the fitness test. Been through it before, and it was an eye opener. If you can remember from last time, there were some big improvements, but I do wonder what it will look like this time. I still maintain it doesn’t tell the full story either, as the push up for example has a much better technique now and it is way harder. What is better – more of them? or less better ones? Answers on a post card please. I need to do something about burpee for example as I do struggle with that and in most sessions bump it to a full extension jump.

Another change of course, is that I am more organised this time around, with soup in the slow cooker as we speak. Tomorrow will be a nice (I hope!) Carrot and Butternut Squash curried soup. Hmm, typing that in and now it doesnt sound quite as appealing.

As ever, before these sessions I am to set a goal, measure up and take photos. I will measure up in the morning that is an easy one. The weigh in shall be interesting to see what the 2 weeks off have done to me… I don’t know.

Enough from me, but I leave you with a goal…..

My Goal : To be fitter and healthier for my holiday in July

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