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And I am back….

And I am back….

So then, what you been doing? I’ve been offline for a bit. Not so much a concious decision, it’s just been busy. Work, (little) rest and play has some what got in the way. Since we last talked what has occurred? Well there was a wedding last week and the first time of drinking – don’t worry dear readers, I did behave and the drink didn’t kill me off! Easter club at the gym fills the gap in the program with a restart coming on Monday – this means measuring up this week. It will be interesting to see what not being on it has done to me – but in fairness continued 3 sessions and rugby so the exercise effort was there, even with the odd lapse in food discipline.

During the week I experienced my first gym trauma…..I arrived at the normal time and no one was there, as it got closer to the start time, just one other person turned up. ┬áNo place to hid then. It went down hill when the other person pulled up injured at the start leaving me on my own. All by my self. No support. Probably the hardest 40 minutes of gym work ever. Fact.

I’ve struggled since in all fairness, with a knot in my bottom which needs to work out, and am awaiting foam roller arriving. Quads are sore too and fully extending legs hurt. I plan to go visit physio during the week if I can find somewhere to get checked over to make sure its all ok.

Reet, enough from me, the house is a tip top to bottom so todays job is tidy up and not watch TV.



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