So how broken…

custom_figure_pain_spot_15571Well the answer was very.

The right hand side seems to have taken a beating during this whole exercise malarky – shall we go bottom up….

Quads and thighs tight and need work along with IT Bands

Bottom is better but hips slightly out of alignment.

Lower back sore and reduced flexibility

Upper back tight – very tight

Neck stiff and compressed.

You may have noticed knees were missed out as they were working, but in fairness some rest has eased those off a bit.

For the rest of me, many sets of exercises to work it all out and repeat visits. With regards to the program, keep going was the verdict but avoid anything overhead which is duely noted, and amendments made. Eg todays floor to overhead was a switch to kettlebell pull ups, and all is well.

As an aside, tyre flipping is fun.

Enough from me, work to do…..

So how broken can I be…

arm_pain_400_clr_3357That is the question, but enough to sit out of two sessions it is fair to say… My knees have been sore for a while, but i put it down to doing more, loosing weight and doing more. But it has become serious, to the extent of not straightening legs, or burning feelings – all round not good.

I’ve booked in some physio to see if they can advise or fix, so thats due for Tuesday, I will let you know how I get on.

Fitness Academy – Cycle 2 and work…


bsWell the calm before the storm, the night before, its that time again…… Fitness academy starts again tomorrow. It feels a little strange as to some extent I already know what is about to happen, and what to look forward to, and then again what not to look forward too…. But on balance, I must have liked it enough to do it all again.

Incidentally, I did some tidying today and went through one of the wardrobes in prep for my summer holiday, and it was great to find shirts that now fit and can be worn on holiday, so perhaps a new wardrobe wont be needed – being a hoarder has helped! 😉

Tofitnesstestmorrow morning (615-700) will be gym time and that means starting off with the fitness test. Been through it before, and it was an eye opener. If you can remember from last time, there were some big improvements, but I do wonder what it will look like this time. I still maintain it doesn’t tell the full story either, as the push up for example has a much better technique now and it is way harder. What is better – more of them? or less better ones? Answers on a post card please. I need to do something about burpee for example as I do struggle with that and in most sessions bump it to a full extension jump.

Another change of course, is that I am more organised this time around, with soup in the slow cooker as we speak. Tomorrow will be a nice (I hope!) Carrot and Butternut Squash curried soup. Hmm, typing that in and now it doesnt sound quite as appealing.

As ever, before these sessions I am to set a goal, measure up and take photos. I will measure up in the morning that is an easy one. The weigh in shall be interesting to see what the 2 weeks off have done to me… I don’t know.

Enough from me, but I leave you with a goal…..

My Goal : To be fitter and healthier for my holiday in July

And I am back….

So then, what you been doing? I’ve been offline for a bit. Not so much a concious decision, it’s just been busy. Work, (little) rest and play has some what got in the way. Since we last talked what has occurred? Well there was a wedding last week and the first time of drinking – don’t worry dear readers, I did behave and the drink didn’t kill me off! Easter club at the gym fills the gap in the program with a restart coming on Monday – this means measuring up this week. It will be interesting to see what not being on it has done to me – but in fairness continued 3 sessions and rugby so the exercise effort was there, even with the odd lapse in food discipline.

During the week I experienced my first gym trauma…..I arrived at the normal time and no one was there, as it got closer to the start time, just one other person turned up.  No place to hid then. It went down hill when the other person pulled up injured at the start leaving me on my own. All by my self. No support. Probably the hardest 40 minutes of gym work ever. Fact.

I’ve struggled since in all fairness, with a knot in my bottom which needs to work out, and am awaiting foam roller arriving. Quads are sore too and fully extending legs hurt. I plan to go visit physio during the week if I can find somewhere to get checked over to make sure its all ok.

Reet, enough from me, the house is a tip top to bottom so todays job is tidy up and not watch TV.