Gone of plan, but wait…

silver_platter_custom_message_16247Confession time, i’ve gone off plan, but not wholly my fault. This damn tooth you see, if made it hard to eat, so yoghurt and cup a soup was the answer (less than 700 calories that day) and today got some feeling back, but now out of sync with the plan. good news though, is that Ii made and consumed salad, so actually fallen off it in the right way!


Sadly also missed the Gym, as the though of more blood wasn’t appealing.



tooth extraction…

cracked_tooth_400_clr_14433Oh well the broken tooth has finally left me with a visit to the Dentist this morninig. The acutal process was relatively painless in all fairness, but the aftermath, as in the bleeding has been unpleasent.

It got to the stage, I even ended up taking some painkillers to try to make it better.

Lunch turned into a disapointing Muller Light as the face wasnt up to anything else

Bad times.



Motivational Data

Some times its great to see data that suggests something is going well…. click to make the image bigger….

fitbitsaturday In short what it says is most targets met in a day…. not recording water, so please don’t think I will go too thirsty.  The calorie one is an interesting one, the target is set at maintain weight, and Saturday is “Victory Meal” day…. hence the figure is way higher than might be with a meal to go.



Early Saturday – Again!

exercise_ball_squat_800_clr_8166So another early start even if I did cut it fine to the gym. A couple of killers this morning, with my lack of core making something hard, almost well impossible. Ab Grabs with medicine ball was particularly hard! I also found plank builder hard on my arms, but thats a weight pressure ratio issue!

Now – time to shower, breakfast and then shopping….


Something has changed within me – Part 2

So a small musical interlude for part one….. but it leads nicely to part two.boss_dangling_carrot_in_front_of_employee_400_clr_13059

A team meeting at work always presents a challenge, as people complain, compare notes etc, but that wasn’t the issue today.  Snacks. Lots of snacks. This presented a problem, and you know what I did? I ate carrot sticks.

Seriously, something has changed….. perhaps the right carrot, could lead to the right result….