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Fitness test – round 2…

Fitness test – round 2…

Hi everyone,

So when I started the bootcamp/fitness academy it started with a fitness test. An unexpected test, but I made it. Some of them simple enough, others I had no idea about.


Above you can see the before and after as it were… and you will see improvements across the board. Some more than others, but improvements. Those with smaller upgrades the lack of core still is the issue, and I may need to look to further help for this.

It doesnt really tell the whole story mind you, as for example, the press up 21 to 34 0 good. But the bigger part is the increase in quality. A press up now,can be planked on toes, or knees and bent. But again, the arm and core press goes down to nose to floor, so the quality is way better.

The mountain climber needs a check, as I’ve no idea what was going on. The less of a gut helps and indeed, we did climbers during the week, so the data does stack up.

The burpee needs work, but most sessions I opt for the full extension jump but for this test, I did down one leg other leg and back up. Not great but better. Thats my target for next time.


Exercise Fitness Academy Posts FrontPage Homelife Reaction Sport
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