Another early start, but a little later @8

custom_clock_hands_16007Another early start then with the weekend gym session kicking off at 8. During the week @jinkstevens shared the secret of no equipment means a harder work out, and that we got during the week working against own body weight.

Today was different, with a number of exercises laid out including some bars and weights which was a new addition to the rotation. Boxes Jumps, Add Roles, Press ups, some of the usual and then there is skipping. Well, fake skipping as a I cant skip, but I swear its harder as you end up jumping more and faster. The bottoms of my feet are really feeling it today.

During the week, there was an experiment in recovery pants (tights) and they will be needed later on today.


Moving on, rest of the day is the end of the 6 nations, so out I go, but driving so no booze is needed.

I’ve changed.

I may like it.