More Data? Endomondo style this time…

So I’ve posted about data before, and certainly about exercise and walking… but there is more data behind that. The walks are tracked on a fitbit which measures steps and exercise in general. Food is logged into my fitness pal and lastly Endomondo tracks via gps mileage, speed, elevation etc.

During lunches, there is time to walk, and what started of as a 20 minute amble has been trimmed down to 15 minutes with the goal of going back up to 20 but adding more distance.

He his how today looked and you can click to go full screen.  If nothing else, an interesting space invader building.



Early start today, up at 545 in the gym for 615 feeling dead by 630

stick_figure_walk_low_battery_150_clr_4543So an early start this morning saw me make up for the missed gym session caused by the tooth issues of the week. I don’t recall being up this early before, but you know what I survived. I suspected I would need an early afternoon nap, but powered on through and made it to the other side.

Saturday morning is always an early start so up and out for 8 tomorrow…

Wish me luck